Love at First Sight

After Jessicas parents get divorced and her and her brother our forced to move to America. Her brother loses his best friend Harry Styles. Will they ever meet again of course they will. Will she ever fall for Harry. Will she ever see her mother again? Who knows read more to find out!


2. First Date

This morning I woke up on Harry's chest I look up at Harry. He's still asleep. I don't wanna move but I do. I slowly sat up. I walk to the bathroom. My towel I still on the ground where I dropped it when we had our first kiss. I smiled picked it up and threw it into the hamper. I then took a shower. I then got out and then straightened my hair I then braided my hair down my back. I looked at my self my green eyes were watery. I waited a little then put on a blue tank top that went above my belly button. I then pulled on short keen shorts and black converse. I walked out of the bathroom. Harry was up he already was dressed he had on basketball shorts and a bright orange shirt. He saw me and kissed me. I wrapped my hand around his neck and my other hand ran through his curly hair. He had one hand under my leg holding my legs around his waist and another hand around my waist. We kissed for a little bit. He then slipped his tongue into my mouth as we kissed. His tongue explored every inch of my mouth. After a little bit he set me down and kissed my forehead. "You hungry babe?" I nod my head. Harry wraps a arm around my waist and we walked towards the kitchen. I smile when we get into the kitchen he lets go of my waist and walks over to the cabin and gets out two bowls. He sets them on the table and grabs the milk and each of us a spoon. I sit down and he reaches for the Apple Jacks. "Hey babe we need to go shopping tonight so I can get us stuff to eat." I smile "Okay!!" We sit down and I pour my cereal and milk into my bowl and we start to eat.  "Umm Jessica... Do u wanna go to the fair with me today?" I look over at Harry a little shocked "Yes!!!" I sort of scream at him!  We finish eating breakfast in silence. Afterwards Harry goes to his bedroom and throws on jeans and a dark grey T-Shirt. When I see him walk out I quickly peck his lips. He then walks to the door and opens it for me I smile and nod. We then walk out to his car. I slide in the passanger seat. He sits there for a second and then turns on the music. Moments comes on and he leans in and kisses me as we drive away he sings along and I can't help but smile every time he has a solo. When we get to the fair I notice there's a bunch of people. I slowly turn down the music. "Harry won't people recognize you?" I ask. "Yup!" he says simpley. I smile then grab a pair of shades off the dashboard and put them on. "How do I look?" I say looking at Harry. He smiles "Gorgeous!" We laugh and then he parks next too a red truck. He leads me out and we walk towards the gates. When we get to the gates Harry pays and then we walk in. As we are walking I feel one of Harry's arms snake around my waist. I just smile. A few more seconds go by and I feel him pull me in a little bit closer. I stop walking "What's wrong?" I say looking up at Harry. He just  looks back and I turn my head too. There's a guy standing at the corner with sunglasses on checking me out. "I want him to know your mine Jessica!" I wink at Harry and I put my hand around his neck and I kiss him intensely. This time he doesn't wait for his tongue to slip it. As soon as I know it cameras start flashing. Harry takes his tongue out of my mouth and slowly retreats. "Shit paparazzi." he mumbles under his breath. I sorta frown. Harry then grabs my hand and we run fast!  We run till we get to a booth where they sell hats and glasses. Harry picks out a cute kola hat for me to wear and a sombrero for himself we both then get a pair of dark shades. We walk a little bit farther hand in hand but I then stop Harry. "What?" I laugh a little. "What!?" He sorta yells. I giggle a little bit more. "Wha--" I interrupt him with a kiss. "You just look so funny babe!" I say still laughing. "You do to Jessica!!" I smile "When can we take off theses dumb hats?" I question. "I don't know never maybe cause you look beautiful with it on and with it off!" I smile and then take off his hat and kiss him my hands wander through his curly locks. We don't spend much more time at the fair. When we get back into the car Harry kisses my lips again and then he drives off. We drive till we get to the nearest grocery store. When we get there we go down the cereal isle. I look for the Cheerios but there on the top shelf "Harry can you please come get down the Cheerios for me." Soon enough Harry comes behind me and lifts me up. I grab the cereal and Harry sets me down. I turn around and kiss him. We finish shopping and the put the bags into the trunk. When we get home we get the groceries in. I then go and change into my white sports bra that says 'Britain' on it. It's just like the Olympic ones. I then put on blue boy boxers. I walk into Harry's room to find Harry already laying down snuggled underneath the covers. I smile and climb on to the bed. Harry's hands then grab my waist and pull me on top of him. I smile and he kisses me a sweet strong kiss. I smile "Jessica you know your beautiful!" I smile again and then I kiss him ten times stronger. He then lays me down and then he goes on top of me. His hands still on my waist. One hand slowly slides up. I feel Harry kiss my neck multiple times. I smile one of my hands runs through Harry's hair and the other holds on to his back bringing him closer to me. We are chest to chest he is kissing my neck and collar bone. I kiss his lips a couple more time. His hands exploring my chest and same with his lips. I don't budge or protest. Soon later we fell asleep he kissed my forehead "Goodnight Love" he whispers. I smile kiss his cheek "Goodnight Harry." 
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