Love at First Sight

After Jessicas parents get divorced and her and her brother our forced to move to America. Her brother loses his best friend Harry Styles. Will they ever meet again of course they will. Will she ever fall for Harry. Will she ever see her mother again? Who knows read more to find out!


7. Dress

This morning I wake up at 5am Darcy is screaming. Harry gets up but I tell him to go back to sleep. I then kiss his cheek. We are looking for a house but it's not looking the best. I walk up to Darcy who is standing up in her crib she is 9months old. I pick her up and grab her a bottle. I walk back and sit back in bed I'm holding Darcy in my hand while she holds the bottle. I soon fall asleep with Darcy in my hands but wake up when I see a flash. I look up and see Harry standing at the end of the bed with his phone "Sorry Babe I didn't mean to wake you I just wanted a picture and I got it!" He smiles. Darcy is still asleep so I put her in the crib. "Why did you want a picture! You better not put that on twitter!!!" I run after Harry I soon jump on his back and grab the phone. I slide off his back and run. Harry chases me. He finally catches me and throws me on the bed. His fingers slide up my shirt. He slowly takes it off kissing my lips. I unzip his pants. 45 minutes go by and I'm laying in Harry's arms he kisses my forehead "Love you!" I smile an kiss him real quick "Love you too!" Darcy soon wakes up and Harry runs to the bathroom coming out with shorts and a orange t shirt he then gets Darcy. I then change into a blue tank top and basketball shorts. My door bell soon rang. I run up to the door Gemma, Eleanor, Danielle and Lottie our all there I let them in. "Hey!" Eleanor said as she went right to Darcy. "Oh here's my little cutie!" She said as she grabbed Darcy from Harry. I walked over to Harry and kissed him again. "See you in a few love!" He says "Love you!" I say as I walk out the door. Eleanor hands Darcy back over too Harry. We then climb in the truck. "Where are we going?" I say to Danielle. She smiles "I can't tell." I just look out the window. My phone soon buzzes and I get a text from Harry. "Take a lot of pictures today!" I just smile. Gemma then grabs my phone! "No need to take pictures today  Harry can't see your wedding dress till your wedding!" "What?" I say back a little shocked. "Opps I told her!" Gemma said. "It's alright! Yes we are taking you wedding dress shopping!!" Lottie said. I smiled. We then pulled up to a very expensive wedding dress place. "You guys I don't have enough money for any of these dresses." you say looking at the price tag. "Don't worry about that!" they all said at once. "The guys each pitched in to pay for your wedding dress. Well besides Harry, he doesn't  even know what we're doing!" Eleanor said. We then walk back to a changing area. This lady walks up to me and shakes my hand "You must be Jessica!" You giggle "Yes I am!!" She then takes you into a back room. After trying on 15 different dresses you choose one that has no straps it's white with a sweetheart line. It then has lace going down the back where it's see through and you can see your back and then withs white with lace on the front and it slowly flows out. You guys then get back into the car and drive to Starbucks. You get a Icy Mocha. You guys hang out for about another hour or two just walking around the mall. After that you climb back into the car. We drive back to the bungalow. They drop me off and then drive off. I walk into the bungalow. Harry is asleep on the couch with Darcy. So I walk into the bathroom. I throw water on to my face. I then change into a green tshirt that say Styles on the back and black shorts. I go into the living room and pick up all of Darcy's toys. She 9months old now and crawling all around. I then go into the kitchen and clean the dishes. I decide to make spaghetti for dinner. So I get started. When it's all done I walk over to Harry and kiss his forehead "Harry, dinners done wake up sweetie." He opens one eye and kisses my lips. "Evening babe!" Harry says in a hushed tone.  He kissed me again. I then pick up Darcy from his arms. He smiles and gets up. Darcy is still asleep I gently set her down in her crib. I kiss her forehead. "Goodnight Darcy." I then walk out to the kitchen Harry had made us both plates and there was a candle and two glasses of wine. The lights were dimmed and Harry started to sing 'One Thing'. I smile and he grabs my hand and takes me to my seat. He is wearing dark wash jeans and a dark blue blazer with a white undershirt. I look down at my hands "What's wrong sweetie?" Harry say sweetly. "Well your dressed up all nice and I just look like shit." I say sort of mumbling. Harry looks at me "You never look like shit but if you want you may go change." I smile and kiss his forehead. I go put on a light blue dress that's strapless and has rhinestones on the top. I walk back up and sneak up behind Harry and kiss his cheek. "There's my beautiful girl. I sat down in my chair and we began to eat "What's all this for." I say. "Well its not everyday we have a nice dinner together just the two of us." I smile. We eat and drink for a little bit longer Darcy then wakes up. I feed her and change her and then put her back to sleep. I then go back out to Harry. "I'm going to bed." I say leaning up against the wall. "Okay" Harry says. He puts out the candle and we both change into pajamas. I lay next to Harry. "I love you." I say kissing his cheek. "I love you too." he says and then he kisses my forehead. 
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