Love at First Sight

After Jessicas parents get divorced and her and her brother our forced to move to America. Her brother loses his best friend Harry Styles. Will they ever meet again of course they will. Will she ever fall for Harry. Will she ever see her mother again? Who knows read more to find out!


1. Dose he even remember me?

"Anthony wake up?" I say as I shake my brother awake. He laughs "God Jessica!" I smile. "So did you get a hold of Harry?" He shakes his head no. "Grr."  I say. We then land in Holmes Chapel. I look all around it looks just the same. "Hey maybe he's at the bungalow?" I suggest. My brother shrugs as he rents a car. When we get in the car my brother drives towards the bungalow and to our surprise Harry was there. We walk up slowly and Anthony knocks on the door. A few moments go by and then we see a familiar face at the door. It was Harry. Anthony smiles "Harry! You remember me?" Harry hugs Anthony "I sure do man I've missed you man long time... Who's this your girlfriend?" He says pointing to me. I think to myself he doesn't know me not that I ever really talked to him that much but still. My brother shakes his head "No, this is my sister Jessica." Harry laughs "I remember now, Man you changed so much... Your even more beautiful now!!!" Anthony gives Harry a little punch. Harry then hugs me. He smells the same as he did when we left for America. I smile, he then kisses my cheek. "How about you guys come on it?" Harry says as he opens the door for us. Anthony walks in and I follow I feel Harry's hand hit my butt. I smile slightly. Anthony goes and sits on the old leather recliner and I sit on the small plaid couch. Harry goes and grabs us each a soda. He tosses one to Anthony then sits next to me handing me one. I smile and say "Thanks." Harry nods. They catch up and I feel Harry's hand come around my shoulder I smile. I use to like him when I was younger.  I leaned in towards him. I see Anthony sorta eyeing Harry. We talk for a little bit longer and then Harry askes if we want to go swimming. We both nod. I head towards the trunk of our car and unzip my suitcase. I had three bikinis laying on top. There was a blue one a pink one and a orange one. I stood there deciding what to pick. When I feel some one behind me. "I like the Orange one." Harry whispers into my ear. I smile "Thanks." I say.  I grab the orange bikini and zipped up my suitcases. Harry then leads me to the bathroom. "See you in the pool." I smile. I quickly take my wavy auburn hair out of its pony tail. I throw on my orange bikini. You can see my diamond stud belly button ring. I look at my self and splash water on my face real quick. I look at my self just a normal girl with bright green eyes a nose and a smile that's perfect from braces. My hair goes down to my mid back. I quickly grab a towel and throw it around my waist. I then walk out to the pool. Anthony is out there and Harry is too. They were chucking a ball at each other. Before either one could see me I jump in landing close to Harry. When I come up I catch the ball that Harry chucked at Anthony. Harry then lurches towards me.I dive under water. Anthony lurches towards me again. I start to walk backwards but the next thing I know someone's hands our wrapped around my waist. I tilt my head backwards to see Harry's face. He smiles I pretend to lean into kiss him and he closes his eyes an leans closer to me but at the last minute I slide down through his arms underwater and swim off with the ball. "Hey that's not fair." Harry says. He tries to splash me. "Miss me Miss me now you gotta kiss me!!" I shout as I climb out of the pool. At that exact moment I see Harry looking me down. I see him catch a glimpse of my belly button ring and so does Anthony. "Jessica.... Does dad know about that?" Anthony says. I shake my head no. "Nope and it doesn't matter cause I'm moving in with mom and mom said I can have it." Harry's mouth drops and I see him get out of the pool. I run over and get my towel. Anthony gets out and quickly follows me. "What!" he screams I throw the ball towards Harry and he catches it. I then run into the bungalow and run into the bathroom and lock the door. "Does Dad know about this?" I hear Anthony scream outside the door. He's banging on it and trying to open the door. "Nope" I shout back. After about 5 minutes Anthony rav?1leaves and I hear his phone go off. A few more minutes go by and I hear someone fidget  with the doorknob. "Who is it." I say. The next thing I know Harry walks through the door. I'm still sitting on the toilet with the towel wrapped around my waist. "Why is Anthony so upset?"  I shake my head. "Because ever since my parents split my brothers been very protective of me. He said I was never to do anything with out his or my dads approval. I was never allowed to get my belly button pierced or able to talk to my mom again." Harry comes closer to me. I look down at my hands "I haven't liked a guy since I was 14. I was never able to." Harry walked a little bit closer to me. "Who did you like when you were 14?" I look up at him and we make eye contact. I lose myself in his eyes for like 5 minutes but then I look away and back down. "Me?" He says with a little smile on his face. "My brother said if I told you he would dis own me as his sister. I couldn't let that happen I just lost my parents and he was all I had left. That's why when we left I didn't say anything to you I just climbed on into the car and kept my head down." Harry takes a step closer "I liked you to yes you are 4 years younger than me and it would of been weird then but now..." I interrupt him "that's the only reason why I decided to move back now... I thought if I could get you to like me back I would be able to hang out with you more but how stupid am I to think a superstar would like me." Harry is now at my side he crouches down next to me. "Jessica..." He wisphers into my ear.  I get goosebumps. I feel his hands on my knee. He moves a piece of my wet out of my eyes. "I've known you since you were born and I thought you were perfect when you were 10 and I was 14 I thought I'd never date anyone ever again but you. When I was 18 I still felt that way. I know I dated girls in between then but that's because I didn't think I'd ever see you again. Guess what I still think your perfect and I still love you have and always will." I look up at Harry he still has his hand on my knee. He then moves them up to my mid stomach and helps me up. I stand up and he pulls me in closer to him. I slowly put my hands around his neck. "Jessica, I love you." I smile and look up at him. He puts his hands on my mid chest and pulls me up I wrap my legs around his waist. He pushes me up to the wall and kisses my lips and then around my neck. He took one hand an fiddled with my belly button ring. I smile and kiss him back slowly. He does the same. He the sets me down. "Hey I'm not going to go on tour for a while would you maybe want to stay here for a little bit?" I smile and kiss him again he grabs a hold of my waist we kiss for a while longer but I then pull away to take a little breath, but we then kiss one more time. We then walk out of the bathroom he grabs my hand and we walk out to the car and he helped me grab my bags. We walked back into the bungalow. We sat down my bags and walked out to the living room Anthony was sitting on the recliner. He looked at me then looked back down. "Sorry sis... I just didn't want to lose you." "You won't Anthony!" He smiles I go over and hug my brother. We then sit in the living room for a while longer around 9pm. My brother gets up "I gotta go you guys I'll be back before I leave for America!" I hug my brother and Harry does to. As I stand outside watching him drive away Harry wraps his arms around my waist. I smile. We walk back into the bungalow. "How about we go for a night time swim?" I giggle. "Fine!" I run into the bathroom and change into my blue bikini! I run out of the bungalow fastly and hide in the back yard. Harry walks out side I see him searching for me "Jessica!! Jessica!!" He walks back into the bungalow and as soon as he shuts the door I run and jump into the pool. He walks back out "Where did you come from?!" "I don't know." I say smiling. Harry soon jumps in. We swim for a while then we get out. I walk to my bag and throw on a over sized tee. I then walk to Harry's room "Where am I suppose to sleep?" Harry pats the spot on his bed right next to me. I climb up on to the bed and lay close to him. He starts to kiss my neck. I giggle. He then starts to kiss my chest. He then kisses my neck again. He then slowly twirls my hair. He then kisses my cheek. "Jessica you are so beautiful." He says kissing my forehead. I laugh then he kisses my ear. "Love you babe." He then runs his fingers up my chest. I kiss his lips. He kisses me for another 30minutes and then we fall asleep.
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