Love at First Sight

After Jessicas parents get divorced and her and her brother our forced to move to America. Her brother loses his best friend Harry Styles. Will they ever meet again of course they will. Will she ever fall for Harry. Will she ever see her mother again? Who knows read more to find out!


3. Can all be repaired?

This morning I woke up. I looked to my side but Harry wasn't there. So I get up and head to the bathroom. There is a note on the mirror "Good morning Beautiful. Went to go hang out with Anthony for a while see you tonight. ~Harry" I smile and then undo my hair from its braid. My wavy hair flows down my back. I decide that today I will visit my mom. I go out of the room and grab my suitcase. I unzip it and look to find a outfit. I eventually pick a sundress that is yellow with flowers it flows down to a little above my knee. I then slide on flip flops. I walk over to the bed and grab my phone. I look for my moms address in my notes. I finally find it. I then head out to find Harry's car is still here. There's a note on the window. "you may drive this today Anthony picked me up! ~Harry"  I took the note off the window and climbed into the car. There was a note on the steering wheel. "Love You Jessica!!" I just smile. I quickly text Anthony. "You two have a good day..." Anthony replies right away "Who are you talking about?" I look at my phone confused "You and Harry..." He replies back "I'm not with Harry I'm at moms!" I gasp "Really!!!!"  I'm furious. I rip up the notes. I stomp into the bungalow. I call up Harry. It goes straight to his voicemail. I text him multiple times. I then go into the kitchen. I sit down at the table I put my head into my hands I soon have tears running out of my eyes. I cry for about 30minutes then I wipe my tears. I walk into the bedroom and go into my suit case. I've been here for 3 days and he's already broke my heart. I pack my bag up with everything. I wait about 3 hours before I decide to leave. I grab my bag and head towards the door but as soon as I get to the door Harry comes into the driveway. He has two bags in his hands.  I have tears streaming down my face. Harry sets the bags down and he walks closer to me when he's right in front of me I slap him "You Lied To Me!!!!" I scream. "You weren't with my brother at all!!!" Harry puts his arms around my waist and pulls me closer but I push him away. "Jessica let me explain!" I shake my head "There's nothing to say." I say walking a little. Harry grabs my wrist and spins me towards him before I can say anything he kisses my lips. I just stand there dumbfounded. Harry opens the door lifts me up an carries me in.  He then sets me on his bed. He then runs and grabs his bags and my bag. I sit there tears still running down my face. Harry comes in he pulls me onto his lap. He wipes my tears away. "If i told you where I was really going you'd come and stop me." Harry whispers into my ear. He kisses my temple. "I was never trying to hurt you." he says softly in my ear. He sets me down next to him. He then reaches into the bag and pulls out a gorgeous purple dress its princess style there's a ton of rhinestones on it. I smile he then pulls out 3inch sparkling purple heels. "What's this for?" Harry just smiles "put this on." He says handing me the dress and heels. He then walks out of the room I put on the dress and heels I walk into the bathroom and look at myself. I then run to my bag and grab these diamond dangly earrings. I walk back to the bathroom and put them on. I walk out of the bathroom. I look around Harry's room.  I walk out of his room. That's when I see Harry standing there he is in a black tuxedo he is holding  a dozen red roses. I smile he looks at me "Jessica you look beautiful." I start to blush Harry then walks over to me and hugs me. "Jessica I never got to go to my Senior Prom and I know you probably didn't either so would you go to prom with me tonight." he asked with a smile on his face I smile "Yes!" he then puts on a beautiful corsage on my wrist. He then hands me the roses "I know this is cheesy but I will love you till the last rose dies." I smile an head to the kitchen and put them all in a vase. Harry then comes up and kisses my lips. He grabs my hand and he leads me out to a limousine. "My lady" he says  leading me into the limo. When we get in he holds my hand. We ride for a while and then stop. Harry gets out first and then helps me out. "This is where we went to school!" I say. He smiles and nods. He grabs my hand and we walk through the doors. We get stopped by the picture people and we get pictures together. Harry then puts his arm around my waist and pulls me close to him there are a bunch of people dancing. We walk straight to the middle of the dance floor. That's when One Thing comes on. Harry puts both hands around my waist I put my hands around his neck. "You are the most beautiful girl here tonight!" he whispers into my ear. I smile and kiss his cheek. He slowly puts my his hand under my chin and lifts it up so I'm looking up at him. He caresses my head in his hands and kisses my lips. When the songs over the principle steps on the stage! "testing testing 1.2.3. Excuse me everybody it is now time to crown the kings and queen! Please gather around!" I interlink my arm with Harry and he pulls me closer. "Drum roll please!!!" everybody starts to clap "The queen is Jessica Hollar!" My heart drops "me?" I whisper to Harry. He shakes his head yes. I walk down the isle to the stage. The principle places the crown on my head and everybody is clapping. A few seconds go by then the principle speaks again "And the prom king is.." everybody is quiet "Harry Styles!!" he walks up on to the stage and grabs my hand. My heart is still pounding. The principle places the crown on Harry's head. All of a sudden the whole auditorium burst into chant. "Kiss Kiss Kiss," everybody chants. Harry looks at me. The clock strikes midnight and Harry pulls me in and kisses me for what seems like an eternity. When we break everybody claps. We dance for about another hour and then we decide to head home. When we get home Harry strips down to his boxers and climbs in bed. I slowly put my hair into a pony tail and then I put on a oversize tee and shorts. I walk into Harry's room. He sits up and kisses me a long passionate kiss. "Goodnight my queen!" I smile "Goodnight Harry" he winks at me and kisses my forehead real quick.
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