The Truth About Ella

Ella Jade is an ordinary citizen of Yorkshire, which is also where Louis Tomlinson is from. Ella's world is turned upsidedown when One Direction comes in town and is reunited with her former classmate.


8. The torture makeover


Ella was miserable. The makeup artist did so much. Her eyebrows were plucked until they were no longer hairy, her teeth were whitened five times, her legs were waxed clean and her face was piled on with make up. The hair stylist pulled and yanked and curled her hair and sprayed a whole can of hairspray on her chestnut locks. Then, the clothing stylist gave her two options: Either a super tight red and white striped dress with four inch stilettos or a super short blue dress with white wedges. The worst part of it all was that the mirrors were covered so Ella had no idea how she looked. Ella chose the first option because she doesn’t like short dresses. It took a while to get into the dress and to get used to the heels.

“Can I please see myself now?” Ella pleaded.

The stylists took off the covers and revealed the new Ella. Ella could not believe that it was herself in the mirror. Ella was smoking hot! Her face was glowing, her height was changed, her hair was curly just like she always dreamed, and her dress showed off her amazing figure. When she stepped out of the torturous room and into the busy hallway, people created an aisle for her. She made her way down to the stage wing and snuck behind Louis and hugged him while saying, ”Guess who?”

He turned around and stared at her for a while in disbelief. He called the boys over and they did the same thing.

“By George, Ella you look like a supermodel!” exclaimed Harry.

Liam finally said,” We go on stage in thirty seconds.” The boys prepared for the mob of screaming girls and Louis gave Ella one last kiss and then ran on stage.

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