The Truth About Ella

Ella Jade is an ordinary citizen of Yorkshire, which is also where Louis Tomlinson is from. Ella's world is turned upsidedown when One Direction comes in town and is reunited with her former classmate.


4. The Song


After hearing the song over and over again until it was perfect, Ella was so confused. ‘Did he think of me a lot on tour’, ‘Did Louis write this song?’, the questions went on and on. The song finally ended for the eleventh time and the manager called out, “Well that’s a wrap!”

“So… What did you think of the song?” Liam asked

“It’s really cool. I’m sure it will be on top of the charts as soon as it comes out.” Ella responded.

“Do you know the title?” Zayn asked wittily

“Yes. So who wrote it?” Ella questioned

“Well, Louis showed all of us a picture of you from his yearbook and we all agreed you were pretty so we decided to write and record the song together when we came to Yorkshire and give you the first copy.” Harry explained in his deep and slow voice and handed Ella a CD.

Louis was quiet the whole time. He was nervous to see the reaction.

“That’s so nice you guys!” Ella complemented and looked at Louis.

Louis managed a smile after hearing that. The six friends jumped into the limo and rode to the nearest Nandos. Fans started chasing the limo. Niall rolled down the window and waved. The fans roared. Ella started thinking that’s what she was going to do today. Then she was surprised by all of this. For once, Ella felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

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