The Truth About Ella

Ella Jade is an ordinary citizen of Yorkshire, which is also where Louis Tomlinson is from. Ella's world is turned upsidedown when One Direction comes in town and is reunited with her former classmate.


6. Love is on the Air


A bodyguard escorted the six young people into the studio for the radio show. The familiar voice that Ella listens to every afternoon welcomed the band. They weren’t on air so they were just talking about the show’s popularity.

“Would you mind if a friend of mine sits in the studio with us?” Louis asked

“No not at all, in fact, she can help me ask some viewer questions.” The DJ answered.

Ella remembered that she sent a viewer question in a couple days ago. Now she hoped that it wasn’t chosen for the interview. The DJ handed Ella a headset to wear when she asks questions. The DJ started off with letting the listeners know that One Direction was in the studio with him.

“Okay so we have some viewer questions. I have a friend to help me with that” the DJ handed Ella some index cards,” So I will start off with the first question. @futuremrs.styles wants to know what your favorite food is.”


Harry answered,” I have a weakness for tacos.”

The DJ cued Ella to ask a question.

“@ilovezaynvashappening wants to know what your afraid of.” Ella asked perfectly

“I have a fear of the dark.” Zayn replied.

Ella put the index card at the end of the deck and examined the next one. It was her question! The DJ cued her again.

“Umm… @bellajane wants to know who Louis used to have a crush on in grade school.” Ella said in an unsure voice because was lying. Zayn looked acroos the room at her because he can tell when someone is lying.

“I used to like a girl named.. Uh.  M-Melanie.” Louis replied with a stutter.

Zayn looked at Louis the same way he looked at Ella and shook his head in disappointment. The questions proceeded except the mood was slightly dimmer.


Once the questions and interview were over and the band and Ella were back in the limo, Louis looked at Ella and said, “I lied, I used to have a crush on you and I still do but I was nervous and I didn’t want to-“

“It’s okay, I understand.” Ella interrupted

Then, in that moment, they both leaned in for the most romantic kiss they had both ever experienced. It lasted for ten amazing seconds. The rest of the boys were staring at the two with amazement.

Niall started singing, “Louis and Ella kissing in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First come love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage.”

Everyone was laughing except for Ella and Louis. 

Ella said,” This isn’t going to work out, long distance. You have the US tour and I have college. “

Louis interrupted, “We can make it work” And he leaned in for another kiss.

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