The Truth About Ella

Ella Jade is an ordinary citizen of Yorkshire, which is also where Louis Tomlinson is from. Ella's world is turned upsidedown when One Direction comes in town and is reunited with her former classmate.


7. Love in the Airplane


The concert was in Bournemouth, which was a thirty -minute private plane ride from Yorkshire. As the plane was lifted into the air, Louis and Ella sat next to each other and held hands.

“This is my first time on a plane” Ella told Louis.

“Really? Don’t be scared, I got you.” replied Louis

“Thanks. Where will I go when we get to the theatre?” Asked Ella.

“Well, me and the boys have to do a meet and greet and then go change and go through make-up and hair, so you can’t be with us during that. You can go hang out with our stylist who will pick you out something to wear for the show. Don’t worry, you will see me before I go on stage though.” Louis explained.

“Okay.” Ella chirped


            The plane touched down and the band (and Ella) were rushed onto the tour bus. As the tour bus approached the huge theatre, the boys grabbed their suitcases and other things for the show. They stopped to take pictures and sign autographs on their way inside the theatre, with a frightened Ella trailing behind them. Ella is a little claustrophobic when it comes to huge crowds. She started to think how tiring it is to be in the band because they have to put up with this chaos on an everyday basis. It must be hard to have to put up with the flashing of cameras, the screaming girls, the crying girls, the obnoxious posters, and autographs being thrown at you. They finally made it inside and were rushed into a backstage hallway guarded by two muscular men.


“Okay, I have to go to a meet n greet and then get changed and stuff, I will see you in the wings of the curtains at 6:55.” Louis told Ella.

“Alright, see you then!” Ella agreed. She blew him a kiss and he smiled

A very nicely dressed woman came up to Ella and said,” You must be Ella! It’s so nice to meet you. Wow I have a lot of work to do! Oh I’m Claire, your stylist for tonight.”

“Oh, hi.” Ella responded as she took it all in.

Ella was led into a dressing room with her name on it. When she walked inside there was a makeup artist and hair stylist and she saw many options for shoes and dresses.

Ella sighed a sigh of relief and said, ”This will be fun!”

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