The Truth About Ella

Ella Jade is an ordinary citizen of Yorkshire, which is also where Louis Tomlinson is from. Ella's world is turned upsidedown when One Direction comes in town and is reunited with her former classmate.


1. A small beginning


I cannot believe I am going to meet One Direction!, Ella thought to herself.


Ella was a true directioner at heart. She was waiting at the airport in the small town of Yorkshire for nearly eighteen hours. As the arrival time of the band approached, more and more girls became lining up behind her in the roped off area. She was all ready for them to come.  Ella had her new camera, a group picture for an autograph, and of course she had her favorite Niall t-shirt. Most of the girls in Yorkshire had a crush on Louis from the band because he is from Yorkshire, but Ella adored the cute Irish blondie instead. Ella did go to school with Louis and that’s probably why she could only see Louis as a good friend.

  “What if Louis remembers me?”, Ella imagined. But in her heart, she knew he probably wouldn’t. Louis was the sweet boy in sixth grade who stood up for her when Melanie, a very mean girl, was bullying her. Louis was the one who convinced her not to kill herself. Louis was a good friend.

            Thinking about sixth grade made Ella forget that One Direction had landed in Yorkshire five minutes ago. Suddenly a familiar voice woke her up from the dreadful year.


“Hey, your Ella Jade from sixth grade, aren’t you?” Louis asked

Ella quickly looked up and smiled. “Yeah. I cannot believe you remember!”

“How could I forget the girl I was best friends with?” Louis joked

Louis secretly handed Ella a note. “Read it when you get home” Louis whispered in Ella’s ear.

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