Leaving You Behind

Layne and Harry have been friends forever. They did everything together, but will that be the same in the future? Harry just found out about layne moving, will they grow apart or come together? Read to find out.


7. The move

Layne's POV: I woke up on the living room floor. My back was killing me. "Mom why am I on the floor?" I asked my mom when she walked in. "We had to get your bed so I put you on the couch, then we had to move the couch so I put you on the floor." she said with a smile. "ok?" I said with a little confusion on why she was smiling. It was pretty early in the morning I didn't go to Harry's. I just stared outside of the window. I stared for 15 minutes when I noticed a light come on in Harry's house. His door opened and he was getting in his car when I ran out there. "Where are you going?" I asked. He looked at me with tears coming down "I don't want to watch you leave" he said very quietly. "Oh." .. "Layne its time to leave!" my mom shouted. I turned to Harry and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I'll text you and call you everyday! I swear!" 
Harry's POV: She turned around and walked up to her car. Tears started to fall from my eyes as she walked away "Bye beautiful!" I yelled. She turned around and waved goodbye. 
Layne's POV: We got to the airport and we were getting on the airplane when I heard someone shout my name. I turned around to find Harry holding a present. "Don't open it until you get to your new home" he said whilst handing me the gift "Thank you babe!" I said "it won't be home though. My home is here!" he smiled and then said "ok well it's time for you to go on" I hugged him goodbye and boarded the plane. "I honestly don't know why we flew here" my mom said "That was so close!" "Well whose fault was that?" I replied. She rolled her eyes and began to look for Ron, because are clothes were already at his house so we didn't need anything. "There he is!" my mother yelled "Hello you two!" he said as he greeted us. I just rolled my eyes because honestly I wasn't crazy about the guy. "Follow me this way to the car" he said and so I did. 
Harry's POV: I miss Layne so much! "Harry we are back!" I heard a voice say. I ran into the kitchen "MOM!!" I yelled. "Where is Layne? I saw a for sale sign" I stared at the ground when she asked that. "She left" I said with a frown "She moved to London" "Oh that's ok!" she said with a smile. "How is that ok?" I said an angry voice. "Because I signed you up for X-Factor and if you make it through you get to go to London. 
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