Leaving You Behind

Layne and Harry have been friends forever. They did everything together, but will that be the same in the future? Harry just found out about layne moving, will they grow apart or come together? Read to find out.


9. The future

The 5 lads became a huge Band called One Direction. They toured all over the world, and became very famous. 
Harry and Layne's future: they soon got married in England, moved into Layne's old house, and had kids and were madly in love 
Niall and Bella's future: they went on a few dates and soon enough Niall asked her to be his forever. They got married in Ireland and had kids and were the happiest couple ever 
Liam's future: he met a beautiful young lady named Danielle and they got married and had kids
Louis's future: he met a lovely girl named Eleanor and they too got married
Zayn's future: he met a beautiful person named Perrie and they also get married
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