Leaving You Behind

Layne and Harry have been friends forever. They did everything together, but will that be the same in the future? Harry just found out about layne moving, will they grow apart or come together? Read to find out.


5. The fight

Layne's POV: I was speechless. I started to read out loud the text from my mom "Great news we are moving in 2 days! It turns out we didn't have much to pack up so we got the closest truck to take our stuff!". My mom must have thought I was happy about moving when she said "Great news". I was so angry. Harry just looked at me. "I'm sorry Layne..." "Don't be" I said "it's not your fault". Harry came over to me like he was going to hug me, so I got up and was ready to hug him, but instead he kissed me. 
Harry's POV: I kissed her! I actually had the nerve to kiss her. I've never felt so happy! I've been so nervous that she wouldn't lke me but she isn't pulling away. The kiss finally ended. "Harry what was that?" she asked. "Layne can I tell you something?" I grabbed her hand and sat her down on the couch next to me. "Layne I've had a crush on you for a long time and when I heard you were moving I was so sad that you would probably never know how I felt. So when you told me you were leaving in two days I finally got the courage to kiss you." I told her. "Harry I feel the same way, but.." "But what?" I said with a puzzled face. "Why did you have to tell me now?" she questioned. "What do you mean?"I replied "Why did you tell me now? Now when I leave I have to deal with the fact that you like me and I can't do anything about!" "Well at least I told you how I felt or you would've had to leave without knowing!" I practically yelled, but I couldn't help myself. I was aggravated, and that's when it went down hill. "I can't take this anymore! I have enough things going on I don't need you to add more stress!" she yelled "Me? Well I'm sorry for showing you how I feel! You know what? I'm sorry for even meeting you!" I yelled. Wait! Did I just say that? She just stood there with tears coming down her face. "Layne I'm sorry! I did-" "No I understand. Bye" she interupted and then quickly ran out of my house. She turned around "By the way don't bother coming by tomorrow or when we  are leaving" and then she left. 
Layne's POV: Did that seriously just happen. I was angry with my mom I took it out on Harry and now he is never going to forgive me! I sat down with tears still rolling down my cheek. I stayed in my room all day. My mom tried to get come down and eat lunch and dinner but I wouldn't. What am I going to do?
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