Leaving You Behind

Layne and Harry have been friends forever. They did everything together, but will that be the same in the future? Harry just found out about layne moving, will they grow apart or come together? Read to find out.


2. Talking with Harry

Layne's POV: It was 8:30 pm when Harry texted me. He apologized for letting his anger get ahead of him. I told him that it was alright and I asked if I could come over. He said yes, so I did. I walked up Harry's doorstep and rang the doorbell. His parents were out of town so he was the one who answered the door. "Harry!" I yelled and he said "Layne!" after that. When I walked into his house he had a plate of tacos ready. He always ate those when he was depressed or if he was just craving them. In this case it was depression. "Want a taco?" he asked. "No. I'm sorry I just ate." "Oh" he replied. "Harry I think you are taking it worse than me. Why?". "Uh... Umm... We are really good friends and I don't want to lose you." "Harry you'll never lose me" I replied "I'll text you and call you everyday." I leaned in for a hug and we just held each other. 
Harry's POV: We held each other for what seemed like five minutes. I'm so worried she will forget about me. I'll never forget her beautiful smile, eyes, hair, and more. I wish I had the courage to tell her how I felt but we've been friends so long she might think I'm weird. I wanted to do something before she left so I came up with an idea "Do you wanna watch a movie?" "Sure! It will take our minds off of things. Let me just tell my mom" she said with a smile. I smiled back and went into the living room to find a movie. I then popped in 'The Dark Night' and popped popcorn and we watched the movie. By the time the movie was over she had fallen asleep, so I called her mom and told her she had fallen asleep on the couch and I'll just leave her there. I turned off all the lights downstairs and ran up to my room. I went on my computer and made a timeline of all the pictures of Layne and I since we were young to now so I can give it to her the day she leaves. I then got a ton of paper and I started to write how I felt about her, but it turned into a song. She always made me sing for her because she said she loved my voice. I hope she likes it. 
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