Leaving You Behind

Layne and Harry have been friends forever. They did everything together, but will that be the same in the future? Harry just found out about layne moving, will they grow apart or come together? Read to find out.


1. Finding out

Layne's POV: I slapped down the flap of the box and taped it up. We were leaving in Seven days! Just thinking about it made me want to cry. Ive lived here all my life. I've only had a few friends here, but one of them was always there for me. He was the most awesome friend ever! During school I only hung out with him. We did everything together. I kinda developed a crush on him through the years, but I would never tell him that because I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship. His name is Harry. He doesn't know I'm moving yet but he will today.... "Layne!" my mother called "You have someone here to see you!". 
 Harry's POV: I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Faster than usual. When she saw me she ran up and hugged me. "Are you okay?" I asked. That's when I saw tears coming down her face. She grabbed my hand and brought me into her living room. When we got in there all I saw were boxes. "Layne what's going on?"  she then began to cry more. "We are moving". "That's alright." I said "We can still see each other everyday at school.". "No we can't! I'm moving to London." she said with a weary voice. My world stopped when she said that. I myself had tears coming down my face. "Why are you moving?" "You know how my mom has been dating that guy? Well they are getting married and we are moving. They said they want to get packed and move the stuff to his house so we won't have to worry about it after the wedding" when those words were said I had become so angry. "You can't leave!" I yelled. I then got off the couch and was about to leave when she grabbed my hand. "Where are you going?" she asked "I need some time to think about this! I'll text you later." and then I left. 
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