[Completed] Looking for a fresh start, Louis Tomlinson is shipped off to a British boarding school in Cheshire for wealthy boys. While attending school as a junior, Louis meets Harry Styles, the son of the school's director. When Louis becomes Harry's newest target of abuse, Louis is left to deal with the trauma by himself, coping however he can. Their relationship takes a three-sixty turn and becomes the most complicated relationship the school has ever seen.


3. Smirks


Louis’ iPhone alarm went off at 7am, Monday morning. It was his first day of classes. He stretched quickly and ran over to the shower. He washed his hair and body, then proceeded to go to the mirror and shave. After he was clean and shaven, Louis blow dried his hair and sprayed it into place. He dressed in his school uniform, white pants, blue blazer, white v neck and slip-ons. He grabbed his bag, phone and iPad and left his dorm. His first class was drama. He walked out of the dorm building, casually watching other students rushing to their morning classes, coffees and bagels with low fat cream cheese in their hands. Louis grabbed a plain bagel from the small vendor and rushed to the north building. He walked through four corridors and went by tons of classes before arriving in drama.

The drama room was dark, with no seats or desks. Louis saw people standing in random locations, opening windows to let in the morning light and talking about how the barista added ¾ whole milk instead of ½. Louis looked around for any familiar faces. There were lots of students, but none he recognized at first glance. Louis’ eyes moved over to the piano and saw one familiar face. Harry. He was leaning on the white grand piano with his entourage, laughing like always. His smile was cute and childish and his teeth were pearly white. He had acne scars, but nothing major. His green eyes looked dark and lustful. Louis knew he needed to stay away from him. There was something about Harry that Louis didn’t feel safe about.

A plump man in a staff uniform entered the room with a loud voice. “Good morning boys!” He yelled out. Louis could see Harry and his friends laughing at the teacher’s enthusiasm. The teacher ignored them and continued to talk in his loud voice. “Alright, my name is Mr. Whitmore. I am your drama teacher for this year.” Mr. Whitmore took a quick look around at the students. “How many of you are new to this school?” Louis and about half the class raised their hands nervously. Louis could see Harry and his entourage nudging each other and laughing.

Mr. Whitmore pulled a hat from behind his back, containing many slips of white paper. “In this bag,” Mr. Whitmore said excitedly, “Are all the names of all the students in this class.” He shook the hat, shuffling the names. “You will be assigned a partner for the rest of the year.” Louis gulped. He knew there was a chance that Harry or one of his buddies would be his partner.

“All the new boys will be partnered with a student who has been to this school before.” Great. All the boys lined up behind the hat and took a deep breath. Louis was about the fifth in line before someone cut him off. “Sorry loser.” A blonde haired boy snickered. Student after student, they were paired up with an existing student. It was Louis’ turn. He took a huge breath and closed his eyes. He grabbed a piece of paper and opened it, his eyes still closed. He moved to the side, feeling Harry’s glare. Louis looked down at the paper and felt his stomach sink. In scribbly cursive, the name Harry Styles was written in thin black ink. Sensing Louis’ disappointment, Harry walked over to Louis, not even needing to look at his paper.

“Isn’t that funny?” Harry said with the biggest and unfriendliness smirk on his face. “I knew it would be you, Mr. Iced Latté.”

Louis took a deep breath and stuck out his right hand. “I’m Louis Tomlinson.” Harry raised his eyebrows and shook Louis’ hand firmly. His grip was firm, like a python. “Harry.” He hissed. “Styles. But you didn’t need me to tell you that.” He winked. Louis felt chills down his spine. Mr. Whitmore approached the two, a big smile on his face. “I’m glad everything is working out.” He stated, giving Harry a threatening glance. “I’ve heard you two have very similar schedules this year.” Mr. Whitmore added. “I want you two to get along.” He gave Harry a death stare.

“Of course, Mr. W.” Harry said, surrendering his hands. “Louis and I are in the same dorm building, so I’m sure we’ll see each other very often.” The smirk didn’t leave his face.

“I’ll let everyone have this class to get to know their partner.” Mr. Whitmore closed his eyes and sighed. He walked away, leaving Louis feeling unprotected and in danger.

“So, Tomlinson.” Harry started, “If my understandings are correct, your family owns a mine?” Harry continued to smirk. Louis knew these questions had alternate motives.

“Yes,” Louis said confidently, “It struck a large amount of gold in March.”

Harry wasn’t expecting a confident answer. He clenched his face quickly. “No need to get cocky, Tomlinson.” He stated. “There are rich people everywhere here. Unlike your dingy little public school.” Louis’ eyes widened. How did Harry know he went to a public school before? Louis hoped it was a lucky guess.  

“You already know that my father is the director.” Harry tilted his head to the side. “Hense the last name, Styles.” He lifted his nose in the air, showing power. “My father opened this school when I was born, so I wouldn’t have to endure the joke of public school.”

Louis had no choice but to agree with Harry. Public school was a joke. There were moochers, goths and anything you could imagine. “I agree.” Louis said, raising his nose in the air, mimicking Harry, “Public school is a joke. I’m happy to be alive.”

Louis glanced at Harry, who was turning slightly red with anger. Louis wasn’t going to let him crack through him. He could see Harry had a desperate need for control and always got what he wanted. Louis could also determine that the majority of the conversations were one sided and always favoured Harry. There was no way Harry was going to crack him.

Harry obviously felt the challenge and crossed his arms over his chest. He stared right into Louis’ eyes and got so close that Louis could smell Harry’s cologne. His eyes were dark and uninviting. Louis felt his stomach sink again, but didn’t show weakness. He stared into Harry’s eyes, trying to make himself look as intimidating as possible.

“I think you and I will be great partners this year.” Harry whispered, not moving an inch. Louis could feel Harry’s warm breath on his upper lip. Harry backed off and leant against the articulate, white window sill. Out the window, Louis had a clear view of the garden and the fountain. He could hear the running water poor gently out of the angel’s bucket. Harry didn’t keep his eyes off Louis for a second. Not until the bell rang and students hurried to their next class. Louis stood still, watching Harry’s back as he left the room, turning around before he disappeared into the hall, to smirk at Louis one last time. 

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