[Completed] Looking for a fresh start, Louis Tomlinson is shipped off to a British boarding school in Cheshire for wealthy boys. While attending school as a junior, Louis meets Harry Styles, the son of the school's director. When Louis becomes Harry's newest target of abuse, Louis is left to deal with the trauma by himself, coping however he can. Their relationship takes a three-sixty turn and becomes the most complicated relationship the school has ever seen.


11. Save Me, Louis


Louis stood up and ran after Harry. He couldn’t be far down the hall. As Louis turned the corner, he could see Harry storming away.

“Harry!” Louis called out. Harry didn’t even glance back. “Harry!” Louis yelled louder, picking up speed. As he got closer to Harry, he reached out and grabbed his shoulder, spinning him around. Suddenly, Louis saw Harry’s arm rise as he punched Louis in the face. Louis fell to the ground, gripping his eye where Harry had hit.

“What the fuck!?” Louis yelled out.

“Leave me the fuck alone, Tomlinson.” Harry stood over Louis on the floor. “I need some time to think.” Harry turned around and left Louis on the floor, still holding his eye. He heard Harry’s door slam down the hall and stood up, proceeding to his own dorm.

His dorm was empty feeling and lonely. The sheets were still tangled from when Harry had come in and Harry’s jacket sat on the floor where he had tried to force himself on Louis. Harry’s words flooded into Louis’ memory. “I’m scared.” It was the only time Louis had ever seen Harry lose his guard. He wondered if there was something in this story he was missing.



At around eight o’clock, Louis decided to return Harry’s jacket. It was later and Louis concluded Harry might be feeling better. As he walked down the hall, he stopped at Harry’s door. Faintly through the walls, he could hear a repetitive thumping sound. Louis put his ear to the door, listening harder. He could vaguely hear panting and heavy breathing. Occasionally, Louis could hear a soft moan. Was he with David? Louis felt his temper rise. He grabbed his key and shoved it into Harry’s door and fiddled around until he heard a small click. The door flung open and Louis froze. Harry was lying on the couch, a firm hand on his lengths. He noticed Louis and immediately grabbed a cushion and covered himself. There was a concerned look on his face. His eyes were wide with fear.

Louis was actually slightly turned on by Harry in a vulnerable state. He finally knew what it was like to be superior. He felt himself harden a bit, but didn’t move. Neither of them said a word. They just stared at each other.

Louis licked his lips and looked at his feet. “I came to see if you were feeling better.” Harry sat up, still covering himself with the cushion. Louis walked in and closed the door behind him. He moved over to the couch and sat beside Harry.

“I’m scared too.” Louis admitted. “I mean- to come out.”

Harry moved closer to Louis, the outside of their legs now touching. A soft hand rested on Louis’ left cheek as a tear streamed down his face. “I love you so much.” Louis sobbed. Harry leant over, wrapping his arms around Louis’ shoulders.

“I love you too.” He whispered, kissing Louis’ cheek. Harry grabbed Louis’ hand and led him to the bed. Louis took off his clothes on the way there, thinking Harry wanted to get busy, but when Harry moved into the bed casually, Louis was confused.

“Don’t you want to…?” Louis looked away.

“Not really,” Harry admitted. “But come sit with me.” Louis slid into the bed and under Harry’s muscular arm. Harry’s hand draped casually over Louis’ shoulder, tickling him slightly. Harry was warm and soft against Louis. They both had uncontrollable smiles on their faces. Louis rested his head on Harry’s strong shoulder, tracing his defined chest with his index finger. Harry kept his gaze ahead, but keeping his sweet smile on his face. Their bodies fit perfectly together, like puzzle pieces. Eventually, evening turned to night, and Louis had fallen asleep in Harry’s arms. Sliding into bed together, Harry realized that Louis could save him. Save him from the thing he feared the most. Society.

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