[Completed] Looking for a fresh start, Louis Tomlinson is shipped off to a British boarding school in Cheshire for wealthy boys. While attending school as a junior, Louis meets Harry Styles, the son of the school's director. When Louis becomes Harry's newest target of abuse, Louis is left to deal with the trauma by himself, coping however he can. Their relationship takes a three-sixty turn and becomes the most complicated relationship the school has ever seen.


6. Love Triangle


Louis got up and followed Harry down the hall to the garden entry. There were rose bushes everywhere of all different colours. Louis could see the other boys and their partners reciting lines off their iPads.

“What took you boys so long?” Louis overheard Mr. Whitmore asking Harry.

“There was a problem with the door.” Harry lied. “It wouldn’t close properly.”

Mr. Whitmore sighed. “Well, get to work then.”

Harry walked over to a bench, spreading his legs apart. His arms were relaxed on the top of the bench and he motioned for Louis to come sit with him. Louis walked over and sat formally, his legs together and his hands gripping his iPad.

“If you tell anyone,” Harry threatened, “You will never see any graduate certificate. Am I clear?”

Louis shifted his weight forward. “Clear as day.” Louis couldn’t even make eye contact with Harry. He kept his gaze fixed on the cement.

“Good.” Harry looked blank. Like he hadn’t just forced someone on their knees and made them endure that. He was completely calm and relaxed. Louis couldn’t understand Harry. There was something about him that made him different. Louis hated him, but craved his attention too. The thoughts of what they had done crossed his mind, making his body lift. He had enjoyed it, but he would never let Harry find that out. Or maybe, he already had.




Classes were over and Louis and David walked down the dorm corridors together. They were going to order dinner at Louis’ dorm and hang out. David had a small red backpack on and a couple take out menus in his hand.

“Where should we order from?” David asked in his normal, happy tone.

“Thai?” Louis suggested. David nodded and waited for Louis to unlock his dorm room.

“How was drama today?” Louis almost dropped his stuff in shock. David couldn’t have seen. Sensing Louis’ discomfort, David corrected himself.

“I meant, how do you like the class?”

Louis relaxed his shoulders and opened the door. “it’s fine, I guess.”

Louis threw his stuff on the couch and changed into a pair of plaid pajama pants. He took off the blazer, letting the mid cut V-Neck sit on his comfortably. David pulled out his iPhone and dialed the Thai place’s number. He ordered the food, then turned to Louis.

“Who’s your term partner?” David asked, referring to Mr. Whitmore’s class.

Louis sighed. “Harry.” He stated dully.

“Oh my god.” David was distraught. “That sucks, man.”

David had no idea about how much it actually sucked. Louis laughed at the pun he made in his head and chuckled.

“What?” David asked, confused.

“Oh, nothing.” Louis dismissed the conversation. Louis pulled out his math textbook and a piece of lined paper. He began to work on the first homework assignment of the year. Of course, it was math first.


The time passed and the food eventually arrived. Louis and David sat and made idle chit chat, until David asked him a question.

“So where are you from?”

Louis looked down at his food. “Doncaster.” He replied. “How about you?”

“London.” David shrugged. “Why did you come here?”

Louis pulled out his most generic answer. “My father’s mine struck a large amount of gold, so I had the money to come here.”

“I don’t think that’s the reason.” David looked coldly into Louis’ eyes.

Louis almost dropped his food on the carpet. How did David know everything?

“I know because I didn’t just come here because of the money or reputation.” David answered Louis’ question almost immediately. “Everyone has a story. I bet you even Harry has one.” David smiled at Louis.

Louis took a deep breath in and tried to explain as best as he could his situation.

“After the mine struck,” He began, “My parents started spending less and less time with me, and more with clients and business people.” Louis took another breath. “They constantly had parties, locking me in my room so I wouldn’t be a disturbance.”

David sat there listening. He smiled, asking Louis to continue.

“Eventually, I was by myself all the time and needed to escape from school. People were constantly stealing my stuff and jumping me.”

“That sounds terrible.” David said, putting a hand on Louis’ face. Louis didn’t shake it off, he needed the comfort, but he was surprised what happened next.

David pressed his lips onto Louis’. He was gentle and sweet, compared to Harry who was aggressive and controlling. Out of habit, Louis pushed David off his lips.

“I’m sorry.” David looked down at the couch cushion. Louis’ eyes were wide. “I shouldn’t have done that.” David went to get up and leave, but Louis’ body took control, grabbing David’s hand.

“No. Stay.” Louis commanded. “Please.”

David sat back down on the couch. “You’re not weirded out?” David asked, confused.

“I am a bit,” Louis admitted, “But you’re such a nice person.” David smiled at the compliment. He embraced Louis in a sensual hug. He pulled away and looked at Louis.

“I have something to tell you.” David smiled.

“What?” Louis teased, “Is it that you’re a huge homo?” Louis stuck out his tongue. “Cause I know that already.”

David punched Louis in the arm gently. “Actually, it kind of has to do with that.” Louis sat up and looked into David’s brown eyes.

“Harry and I used to be best friends.” David began, “Actually, more than friends.”

Louis shifted his weight and relaxed his shoulders.

“He was my first kiss.” David looked down, embarrassed. “He used to be so sweet.”

“What happened to him though?” Louis asked, “Do you know why he’s so mean?”

“No I don’t.” David admitted. “But now he’s terrorizing other students. He never used to, but now it’s like he enjoy it.”

Louis felt like saying “tell me about it,” but Harry’s threatening words lingered in his mind.

“Harry has problems admitting that he likes dudes.” David added. “As much as I told him to be open, he never could admit it to himself.”

“Hmmmm…” Louis pondered.

“I also lost my virginity to him.” David added again. “But he always insisted on tying me up or forcing it on me. Then I got fed up and ended our relationship. He’s been angry and mean ever since.”

“Maybe he’s missing someone who understood him.” Louis suggested.

“Maybe. But I don’t think he ever understood himself fully.” David looked upset. This was obviously hurting him.

“I loved him so much.” His voice was full of tears. Louis put a comforting hand on David’s shoulder. They were in the same situation, but Louis could never tell David. He could never tell anyone. Louis began to tear up and sat with David crying until they had no tears left.

“Thank you for understanding.” David wept.

“Thank you.” Louis wept.

David was the greatest friend anyone could wish for. But Louis was afraid Harry would manage to tear that away from him too. 

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