[Completed] Looking for a fresh start, Louis Tomlinson is shipped off to a British boarding school in Cheshire for wealthy boys. While attending school as a junior, Louis meets Harry Styles, the son of the school's director. When Louis becomes Harry's newest target of abuse, Louis is left to deal with the trauma by himself, coping however he can. Their relationship takes a three-sixty turn and becomes the most complicated relationship the school has ever seen.


7. I've Missed You


A week passed and business went on as usual. Harry didn’t try anything funny and actually acted quite normal during drama. This was killing Louis on the inside. He craved Harry’s attention. He craved his aggression and the way he made Louis feel. The times they had spent together, Louis could replay in his mind seamlessly. The way Harry teased him and flirted with him stayed in his mind all day.

These thoughts killed Louis even more. He was craving for the attention of someone who caused him harm. There was no love in the relationship. It was all Harry, like David had pointed out earlier. There was no consideration of Louis’ feelings or wants. Everything they had done was for Harry’s benefit and as much as Louis hated admitting it, he enjoyed it.


The final bell rang on Friday, dismissing all the boys and staff for the weekend. Louis was in the science room and quickly packed up his things. Harry sat in the back row with a partner Louis didn’t recognize, chatting away calmly. He had never seen Harry with a normal emotion. Usually, Louis saw him with smirks or dark looks, but today he looked relaxed. Louis became concerned, because after what had happened in drama, he had the same look.

Louis sat in his dorm room, finishing up an essay due on Monday when there was a knock on the door. Louis got up and opened it wide, hoping it was David. Louis knew he had made a mistake opening the door when he came face to face with those green eyes.

“Miss me, Tomlinson?” Harry smirked. As Louis attempted to close the door, Harry pushed it back open with his strong arm.

“I’ve missed you.” He continued with a glimmering lust in his eyes. Louis knew this was a one sided conversation and let Harry inside, closing the door behind him. Harry sat on the couch with his legs spread apart, basically begging Louis to come over. Louis tried to avoid eye contact, but it was hard considering how attractive Harry was.

Harry continued to stare at Louis seductively. He smiled and Louis lost it. He ran over to the couch and pushed Harry down. He sat on lied on top of him, kissing him passionately.

“I’ve missed you.” Louis gasped. He began to kiss Harry’s neck.

Harry chuckled. “I knew you would.” Harry grabbed Louis’ shoulders and stood them both up. Leading them to the wall, Harry slammed Louis against it, attempting to slide Louis’ pants down with his fingers. Harry squatted and fell to his knees, bringing Louis’ pants down with him.

Louis’ heart began to beat uncontrollably. He could hear Harry’s panting breath below him. He waited as Harry reached up, pulling his boxer’s down to his ankles. Slowly, Harry placed his mouth on Louis, moving in circular motions, teasing him.

“Just do it.” Louis pleaded.

Harry listened for once and placed his entire mouth on Louis’ length. Chills ran up Louis’ spine and he moaned quietly. Harry began to move his tongue around and Louis moaned louder this time. He placed one hand in Harry’s hair and one on the back of his neck. He could feel Harry’s soft curls rub against him. Louis tilted his head up, resting the back of his head on the sky blue wall. His eyes fluttered as Harry continued. When Louis was ready, he waited for Louis to release.

At the release, Louis let out a moan, almost loud enough to be heard outside the room. Harry swallowed and stood up, looking into Louis’ eyes. His lips were shiny. He wiped his mouth off with his sleeve and stepped away from Louis.

“Shit,” Louis panted, “Thanks.”

Harry smirked. Louis pulled his pants back up and stepped away from the wall. Harry turned to leave, giving Louis a nod.

“Remember who you belong to.” He stated clearly.

Louis was taken aback has Harry closed the door behind him. What did he mean by that? Was he referring to being friends with David? Had he known about their kiss? Whatever it was, the words hit Louis hard. 

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