[Completed] Looking for a fresh start, Louis Tomlinson is shipped off to a British boarding school in Cheshire for wealthy boys. While attending school as a junior, Louis meets Harry Styles, the son of the school's director. When Louis becomes Harry's newest target of abuse, Louis is left to deal with the trauma by himself, coping however he can. Their relationship takes a three-sixty turn and becomes the most complicated relationship the school has ever seen.


10. I Used To Love You


Louis stormed off towards David’s room with Harry by his side. The dorm halls were quiet and smelled like they had just been cleaned. Harry walked beside Louis and occasionally the two would bump shoulders, making Louis feel tingles up his spine.

“I can’t believe he would say that.” Harry kept his gaze forward, avoiding eye contact with Louis.

“Yeah…” Louis shrugged. “I didn’t really see that coming.” They arrived at David’s door and Harry knocked loudly. The door unlocked and David was taken aback. He wasn’t wearing anything except a pair of pajama pants and a hemp bracelet.

“Louis,” David started to speak, “What’s Harry doing here?”

“He told me what you did.” Louis stated proudly. “And I need to tell you I’m not interested in you.”

David looked confused. “What I did?” David spat. “He’s the one you should be concerned about.” Harry lowered his eyebrows. His eyes were dark with anger.

“Come in.” David invited them both inside. “We’ll talk.” They followed David inside and sat on the plush red sofa, across from David.

“You’re a lying fuck.” Harry spat at David. “You want in his pants and you’re telling him lies to bring him closer to you.”

David rolled his eyes. “Oh please.” David looked at Harry. “He’s coming closer to me because you are abusing him.”

“Louis is perfectly capable of defending himself.” Harry motioned his arm towards Louis. “He has even brought the initiative on himself.”

Louis looked down at his feet. He could feel his cheeks get hot as he blushed. They were fighting over him.

“You’re just a closeted fuck!” David spat. “Don’t you understand that no one cares about who you like anymore? You take your anger out on others and it’s making me sick! That’s why I broke it off with you!”

Harry stood up angrily, making Louis flinch. “You broke up with me because you’re a pussy and you could never speak your mind!” Harry yelled. “You think my father would approve of what I am? How do you think my family would feel?” Harry had tears in his eyes.

“I never told anyone about us, until Louis was going through the same thing!” David stood up. He and Harry were inches apart.

“I loved you.” David said softly, gripping Harry’s arm, “But you didn’t love me.” His voice was hoarse with tears. Harry hugged David as they cried together. Louis was confused. So Harry had dated David, but was too ashamed to admit it.

Harry and David let go of each other and sat back down. “I can’t tell anyone, Louis.” Harry admitted, “I’m scared.” Louis placed his hands on Louis’ shoulders as he sobbed.

“It will be okay.” Louis comforted Harry. David walked over to the couch and sat on the other side of Harry, rubbing his back. Louis began to question his own sexuality. He was never really interested in girls, but could never figure out why there was lust for guys. As he comforted Harry, memories of public school invaded his mind. Being called “queer” and “faggot.” The way they would say it to him, like it was some sort of disease. The countless times he was punched in the stomach until he puked. The memories he tried so hard to forget were all flooding into his mind at once.

“I don’t know what I am.” Harry raised his head from his hands.

“Me neither.” Admitted Louis. “I’ve always been confused about myself. I thought moving to a new school would make those feelings go away, but they haven’t.” Louis began to tear up as Harry put his arm around him. Kissing him gently on the cheek, Louis could see a different side to Harry. The side that wasn’t mean or threatening. Just Harry.

“I’m so sorry I lied to you, Louis.” Harry whispered very close to Louis’ cheek, his hot breath grazing it slightly. Louis blinked and stopped the tears. He loved and craved Harry more than anything, and now he was sitting by his side, comforting him.

David sat awkwardly on the other side of the couch, waiting for the intimate moment to be over. When Harry took his arm off Louis, David spoke again. “I’m glad you two are happy.” David smiled slightly. “As hard as it is for me to admit it, I think Louis is a better fit for you.”

Louis smiled at the compliment. David was an amazing friend. He could never forget how much this meant to him and Harry. Harry stood up and walked towards the door.

“If any of you tell anyone what happened here, you will not be happy.” Harry opened the door and slammed it shut. That was the only thing Louis didn’t like about Harry, he could never hold an emotion to its fullest without getting angry after. Louis began to question his choice to come here. Maybe he could just go home and escape. No. It would turn up like last time. Louis was being chased by emotions and had no place to run anymore. He needed to figure out himself before he hurt someone like Harry or David. No more running away.



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