[Completed] Looking for a fresh start, Louis Tomlinson is shipped off to a British boarding school in Cheshire for wealthy boys. While attending school as a junior, Louis meets Harry Styles, the son of the school's director. When Louis becomes Harry's newest target of abuse, Louis is left to deal with the trauma by himself, coping however he can. Their relationship takes a three-sixty turn and becomes the most complicated relationship the school has ever seen.


1. First Day On Classy Campus


The bus smelled horrible. It was stuffy and crowded. Louis couldn’t believe he had to take a smelly greyhound bus all the way to Cheshire. Why couldn’t his mother take him in her BMW? Cheshire was 43 miles away from Doncaster. Louis knew it was worth a new start. At his old, public school, he became the victim of abuse, constantly being shoved into lockers and teased for his intelligence. He used to wear glasses and had terrible acne. But that was subject to change. When his father’s company’s mine struck gold, Louis became the wealthiest student at his school. People who had beat him down or teased him now wanted to be best friends. Louis knew he needed to leave.

So now he was sitting on a greyhound with a Louis Vuitton luggage set and the most flawless skin. He got contacts and bought the most expensive school uniform they had available. The navy blue blazer jacket with red definition complimented his skin tone perfectly. The white pants were perfectly pressed and cuffed at the bottom. The uniform didn’t have a set pair of shoes, so a comfortable pair of beige toms were on his feet. He finished the look off with a white V-Neck and a gold Rolex watch.  People on the bus were staring at how immaculately dressed he was. They obviously recognized the golden lion on his jacket pocket and saw that he would be attending the richest and most well-known school in all the UK.


The bus came to a halt and Louis grabbed his things. He stepped off the bus, a map of how to get to the school in his closed fingers. He peered at the map and noticed he needed to take public transit to get there. Gross. He decided to flag down a cab.

“Where ya headed?” Asked the cab driver with a thick, Irish accent. Louis said nothing, not even bothering to remove his black Ray Bands.

The driver glanced at Louis’ emblem and nodded. Louis shot him a toothy grin.


The cab ride was 25 minutes long and extremely quiet. The driver knew they were in different income classes. They didn’t speak to each other until the cab came to a halt at the front gates.

“I’ve got to let you off ere’ mate.” The driver said, “I can’t go any further.”

“Thanks.” Louis said dully, grabbing his luggage from the trunk. He threw a fifty on the passenger seat and the driver smiled while pulling away from the school. Beyond the gate was a luscious field of pristinely cut grass leading up to the old style school. There was a dirt path that cars could drive up to and park in the parking lot. In the distance, a large garden was visible with students walking casually around in the same uniform as him. Their hair was pristinely cut and gelled so not a hair was out of place. Louis was amazed.


He opened the gate and followed the map over to the rooming building. He was in dorm 316, the most expensive dorm at the school. From reading the pamphlet and looking online, dorms 300-400 had king size beds, three rooms including a deluxe bathroom with a whirlpool bath and separate walk in shower. Breakfast was served to them every morning. That meant Louis wouldn’t have to spend time in a crowded dining hall for breakfast. Dinner was another issue.


Walking along the lush grass, Louis was being stared at from all directions. Sensing that showing fear would show weakness, Louis continued walking with his nose slightly in the air. People looked away and returned to their business, chatting casually about their new school schedules and who their teachers were. Louis entered his dorm building and shook his hair out of the way. He turned the small golden key that was sent to him along with his acceptance letter and unlocked the door. The room smelled fresh, like a spring morning. At first sight, there was a small living room with a coffee table in the middle. At the far end, a kitchen and a fire place. To the right, a door peaked open, revealing the king size bed, dresser and closet. He rolled his luggage over to the bed and plopped it on top. He hung up all his uniforms including his gym and formal attire uniforms, color coordinated. Everything needed to be perfect if he was going to stay here. Louis was also aware of the weekly bedroom checks the school did for “safety reasons.”


“Knock knock knock!” Came a voice. Louis turned around to see the director peering in through the door.

“Mr. Director sir!” Louis stood up straight, “Come in, please.” The director sat down on the love seat and clamped his hands together.

“So, Mr. Tomlinson.” The director began, “How do you like the campus so far?”

Louis walked graciously over to the opposing love seat and sat down gently. “It’s very nice.” Louis said, keeping his tone as formal as he could.

“Glad to hear it.” The director smiled. “Your class schedule and all your text books are in the office room. Classes don’t start until Monday, so you’ve got a day to explore the campus!”

Louis was unsure whether to be excited or scared. “That sounds lovely.” Said Louis. “I’m sure everything will be fine.”

The director smiled at Louis’ nervousness. “Don’t be nervous, Tomlinson.” He scooted off the chair and proceeded to the door. “You will not regret your decision to come here.” And with that, the director closed the door, leaving Louis in silence. 

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