[Completed] Looking for a fresh start, Louis Tomlinson is shipped off to a British boarding school in Cheshire for wealthy boys. While attending school as a junior, Louis meets Harry Styles, the son of the school's director. When Louis becomes Harry's newest target of abuse, Louis is left to deal with the trauma by himself, coping however he can. Their relationship takes a three-sixty turn and becomes the most complicated relationship the school has ever seen.


12. Bath/Shower


A cold breeze rolled in through the window on Monday morning. Louis could feel Harry’s hot body against his, and smiled. This was what he had wanted all along. To have Harry’s arm around him while they slept together peacefully. It was the perfect moment.

Suddenly, Harry bolted up. “Shit.” He spat. He untangled his arm from Louis’ chest and got out of bed quickly. Louis watched as Harry ran over to the bathroom in his Calvin Klein boxers. He could hear Harry turning on the shower. Louis realized he needed one too. Louis shot out of the bed and followed Harry into the bathroom. It was already eight o’clock, classes started in fifteen minutes.

Louis entered the bathroom and saw Harry frantically jamming a toothbrush in his mouth. The shower was still running. Louis let his underwear slip to the floor and hopped in the shower. The scolding hot water burned his skin as he searched for Harry’s shampoo bottle. He squirted a large amount in his hands and frantically lathered up the soap until it was a bubbly consistency. Harry took his underwear off and slid into the shower behind Louis, grabbing the shampoo and squeezing some in his hand.

Louis had no time to ask what Harry was doing. The school never accepted tardiness. Louis continued to wash, and then rinse. As Harry scrubbed at his hair and turned around so their butts were touching. Harry leant over and let the hot water wash away all the soap. Harry got off Louis and grabbed the body wash, spraying some into Louis’ hands.

“Hurry up.” Harry commanded. “We can’t be late. Mr. Whitmore would kill us.” Louis picked up the pace and rinsed himself quickly. He stepped out of the shower, toweling off his hair as quickly as he could. Grabbing Harry’s toothbrush, Louis squirt a large amount of toothpaste on the brush and quickly scrubbed his teeth. Harry ran out, almost tripping on the side of the tub and toweled his hair off too. It flopped in front of his face. With a mouth full of toothpaste, Louis still laughed.

“Shut up.” Harry punched Louis in the back of the shoulder. They were both still naked and scrambled over to Harry’s closet. Grabbing one of Harry’s many uniforms, Louis slid it on. It was a perfect fit. He tied up one of Harry’s ties and moved over to the mirror. He fixed any wrinkles quickly and grabbed the blow dryer and brush sitting on the table beside the mirror. He tilted his head upside down, letting little droplets of water run down his neck. His hair was dry as he handed the dryer to Harry. He began to style in his signature swoosh and sprayed some hairspray on. It was eight ten.

“Shit.” Louis bolted over to his bag, making sure everything was inside. He pulled his wallet and phone out of his pants pockets and slid the bag around his chest. Harry was done drying and styled his hair quickly. He grabbed his bag and the two bolted over to the main building. Lucky them, they had the same class that morning.


Harry and Louis sprinted over to the drama room, almost running into a freshman carrying a cup of coffee. They arrived in the class and the bell rang. They made it. Mr. Whitmore arrived shortly after the boys and locked the door. “Alright. Let class begin!”


The school day was over before Louis knew it. He hadn’t eaten all day and was excited for dinner. As he moved swiftly through the corridors, he heard someone call out his name.

“Louis!” It was David’s soft voice. David ran up to Louis, catching him in a shoulder hug. Louis shrugged him off his shoulder awkwardly. “How are you?” David asked, keeping up with Louis’ footsteps.

“I’m alright.” Louis smiled, remembering his night with Harry.

“Seems like more than alright.” David winked. How did David always know what Louis was thinking? They proceeded down the corridors in silence, a huge grin on Louis’ face. They entered the dining hall and sat down. Louis began to scan the hall for Harry and spotted him with his possy. He was laughing like always, his huge smile making Louis’ heart lift. He looked so sweet when he was happy. Why couldn’t he make Harry that happy?

David followed Louis’ gaze and chuckled. “He likes you a lot.” David pointed out. “He’s just scared of people judging him. He’s a huge softy.” Louis turned his head to look at David.

“How do you always know what I’m thinking?” Louis arched his eyebrows.

David laughed. “I’ve been with someone like you.” David admitted. “You’re quiet, but not on the inside. You’re very thoughtful and most people can’t read you, but I can.” Louis scratched his chin with his fingers.

“What do you think I should do?” Louis asked.

David sucked in the left side of his mouth. “I think being there for him would be the best way.” David smiled slightly. “Harry hates having people know him. He also hates not having control, so if you can obey him for a while, he’ll eventually open up.”

Louis rubbed his eye. He knew it would take a lot of tolerance to get Harry to open up to him, but he was ready to persevere.

“Good on ya.” David winked. Louis smiled and turned to his food, not saying another word to David.




There was a knock on the door. It was nine fifteen and Louis had just finished a math paper due the next day. He was exhausted and really not hoping to entertain visitors. He stood up, adjusting his purple ralph lauren sweat pants so they sat at his lower waist. He didn’t have a shirt on, but he didn’t care.

Louis opened the door and was face to face with those familiar glimmering green eyes. Louis went to protest him coming in, but remembered how much he wanted to make Harry happy.

“Come in.” Louis muttered dryly. Harry didn’t move. He was still in his uniform, but his tie hung casually over his shoulder.

“Actually,” Harry began. “I was wondering if you wanted to go to the hot spring near town….” He paused. “With me.”

“We’re not allowed to.” Louis protested. “We’re not supposed to leave the school grounds after nine.”

Harry scoffed at Louis’ lame excuse. “I’m the director’s son.” Harry reminded him, “Plus, my father gave me these.” He held up a pair of passes. “So will you go with me or not.”

Louis debated going. He was extremely tired, yet he wanted to spend time with Harry. “Fine.” He eventually spat. “Let me get a shirt on though.”


Louis and Harry drove out of the gates and onto the street. It was pitch black and cold outside. Louis wished he had picked a warmer outfit instead of a grey V-Neck and a pair of cuffed sweatpants. He had pulled on a camo coloured beanie too, but that didn’t help. Louis kept his hands on his arms, keeping them warm.

“Are you cold?” Harry asked, glancing at Louis out of the corner of his eye. Without an answer, Harry pulled off his school jacket and handed it to Louis. Desperate for heat, Louis slid it on. It smelled like Harry’s cologne and the body wash they had both used that morning. He took a long inhale in, letting Harry’s smell fill his lungs.

“The spring is usually closed at this time,” Harry began, “But my father and the family that runs the place are good friends.” Louis nodded as Harry continued to drive on the pitch black road.


They arrived at the spring and Harry got out of the car with ease. He slammed the door and proceeded to the drunk, throwing his bag inside. Louis stepped out and gently closed the sleek black door of the car. Harry beeped the alarm and led Louis inside the spring.

The spring was cool and refreshing. Bowls of fresh fruit sat around the lobby. There were high ceilings and the walls were sea foam green. Bamboo shoots and other random plants were growing out of pots near the walls. The lobby was empty, but it felt welcoming and homey.

Harry led Louis over to the front desk, where an extremely skinny girl with blonde hair and long French manicured nails sat, reading a magazine. Her hair was in braids and a blue tooth headset dangled from her ear. She noticed Harry and put the magazine down.

“Can I help you?” She mumbled with no emotion. Harry gave her the passes and she led them to a hallway full of elevators. Of course Harry’s parents knew the family. This place was huge. The girl pointed to the farthest elevator and mumbled something Louis didn’t understand. Harry nodded and pressed the elevator button.

They arrived in the change rooms, where stacks of freshly washed towels sat on the wood shelves, ready to be used. There were robes hanging on hangers and a few lockers. Harry grabbed a towel and a robe and began to undress. Louis watched as Harry slid off his clothes, revealing his body.

Harry glanced over his shoulder and smirked. He took his pants and underwear off and traded them for a robe. Louis followed and grabbed a towel from the shelf. He had never been in a hot spring before. Harry was always getting him to try new things. HA. New things. This whole relationship was new to him. He had never been with another guy before.

Louis’ thoughts were interrupted with Harry opening the door to the baths. Louis almost dropped his towel. He couldn’t believe what he saw.

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