[Completed] Looking for a fresh start, Louis Tomlinson is shipped off to a British boarding school in Cheshire for wealthy boys. While attending school as a junior, Louis meets Harry Styles, the son of the school's director. When Louis becomes Harry's newest target of abuse, Louis is left to deal with the trauma by himself, coping however he can. Their relationship takes a three-sixty turn and becomes the most complicated relationship the school has ever seen.


4. A Walk Down The Hall


The day was long. Louis had one more period of the day left and couldn’t wait for it to be over. The sad thing was, that period was gym. Gym was an embarrassment for Louis. He wasn’t really interested in sports and compared to other boy’s abilities, Louis was lacking. That was one of the reasons he got bullied in school. He was glad that was over though.

Louis walked into the change room with a lock and his gym uniform. The uniform was a plain white cotton T-Shirt with the school’s emblem and Louis’ name on the back. The shorts were white as well and sat at the hips. Like all his clothes, they were pressed, not a wrinkle in sight. Louis changed as quickly as he could and locked up his stuff. He proceeded to the field and saw Harry kicking a soccer ball around with his friends. He was laughing and having a good time. Suddenly, a hand touched Louis shoulder.

“Miss me?” Asked a familiar voice.

“David?” Louis asked, turning around to David’s spiked up black hair, deep brown eyes and toothy grin.

“Yes!” David chirped, “This is going to be so much fun!”

The whistle blew and everyone gathered in the field. At least he had David by his side now.




After gym, the locker room was packed full of people trying to change and get out as quickly as possible. Louis waited for a long time to get to his things and by the time he did, everyone was gone. Or so he thought. Louis removed all his clothes so that only his boxers remained. He folded up his gym clothes and stuffed them in his bag. He could feel someone was watching him. Still half naked, Louis hurried to find his clothes. Before he could find them he heard a locker slam shut.

“Hey Tomlinson.” It was Harry and his friends.  “Have a nice run?” His friends snickered. Louis turned away, feeling vulnerable.

“Oh come on, Tomlinson.” Harry put his hands on Louis’ shoulder. By mistake, Louis smiled and blushed. Harry laughed at swung his fist into Louis’ face, knocking him into the cold locker. Louis felt tears in his eyes and his head throbbed. He could hear Harry’s friends laughing and congratulating Harry on his good, clean hit. Louis stayed on the floor, head on the locker underneath his. As Harry went to leave, he shot Louis another smirk and laughed on with his friends. Louis couldn’t believe it was the first day of classes and he was already being beaten up. Denying the pain, Louis stood up and got dressed in a hurry. He ran out of the change room to his dorm room, Harry nowhere to be seen. He unlocked the door quickly and looked in the mirror. His face was red where Harry has punched him, but not enough to bruise. Harry knew exactly how hard to hit him.

He cleaned up and proceeded to the dining hall two hours later, sitting beside David who was chatting on and on about who was in his classes and what teachers he got and the latest version of iOS that hasn’t been released yet that he got to try. Louis rolled his food around his plate, occasionally glancing at worry free Harry out of the corner of his eye. He would laugh at jokes his friends would tell him and toss his hair every few minutes. Louis felt himself harden.

“No.” He whispered to himself.

David noticed he wasn’t listening and cut in. “Not hungry?” He asked casually.

“No…” Louis said dully.

David followed Louis eyes and noticed he was staring at Harry. “Did something happen today?” David turned so he could see Louis’ face.

“I’m fine I swear.” Louis put his hand up and smiled at David. He cared so much about him. Louis stood up and walked towards his dorm. He entered and lay down on the bed, exhausted.


The school was open to any student to pass through or to receive help from teachers during the night. Since Louis had a quick nap after dinner, he didn’t feel like getting ready for bed. He stood up and proceeded to go for a walk in the school building. It was unfamiliar to him, so he thought he would go check it out.

The hall lights were on but the halls were quiet. There was no one in sight and most of the classrooms were locked shut. Louis paced himself on the plush mahogany carpet under his feet. The moon shone in through the windows and reflected off the glass. It was so peaceful.

Louis peaceful thoughts were interrupted by a hand around his mouth and an arm around his neck. He could barely breathe. His heart started to pound violently in his chest. He had no idea what was happening as he was being pushed along by a strong body, occasionally being kneed in the tail bone for resisting. Louis turned his head slightly and smelt a familiar smell. It was Harry. His heart began to leap and Louis tried to resist, but it backfired with Harry giving him another sharp hit in the back.

Harry pushed Louis into an open classroom and locked the door tight. It was dark. Louis could barely make out that they were in a music room. The moon shone brightly through the window, giving Louis limited vision. All he could see were shadows.

Harry threw Louis to the ground and began to untie his tie. “Hey partner.” He snickered. He knelt down beside Louis and propped his hand up. Harry’s hands were incredibly soft and defined. Up close, Louis could see Harry had dimples. Harry’s eyes were the darkest he had ever seen them. Lustful didn’t even describe it.

Louis felt the silk tie against his wrist as Harry tied the other end to the leg of a grand piano. Harry undid Louis’ tie and repeated the process with his other hand. Louis was now propped up on his knees, his stomach to the floor. The ties were tied so tightly that he couldn’t move them away. The more he struggled, the more Harry enjoyed his pain. What was going to happen?

Louis couldn’t turn his head all the way to see, but out of the corner of his eye he saw Harry undressing. Louis could now piece together what was happening. He struggled to try and pull his hands out, but they wouldn’t budge. Harry laughed at his attempt, the permanent smirk challenging him to resist more.

“Harry please.” Louis pleaded, his voice hoarse.

“I love the way you beg.” Said Harry, sliding his hands into Louis’ pants. Louis could feel Harry’s hands running along his waistline, teasing him. He closed his eyes and tried to push the feeling away.

“Oh, don’t try and pretend you don’t want me.” Harry whispered, his naked body leaning against Louis’ clothed one. Harry shoved his hands deeper into Louis’ pants, stopping near his crotch. Louis felt himself harden slightly. Trying not to give into him, he pushed away the feelings. He loosened again.

Harry obviously became angry that it wasn’t working and slid his hands onto Louis’ lengths, rubbing gently. Louis couldn’t handle it anymore. He let out a huge breath and felt himself harden. Harry pushed their bodies together again, removing his hands from Louis’ length and placing them on his chest, taking a deep breath in.

“There we go.” Harry breathed out. “Just relax.”

How could Louis relax? He was letting Harry Styles touch him. He gave up all the power. He knew what this was about.

Harry interrupted Louis’ realization with a seductive whisper. “I know you want me inside you.” Harry laughed quietly. “I can see it in your eyes and feel it too.”

Louis choked in a breath. Harry snickered. “The first time I saw you, I knew I wanted you.” Harry said, propping himself up so his crotch touched Louis’ behind. “I’m going to make sure you know that, Tomlinson.” He put his hands on Louis’ waist and dug his fingers into his pants. Still tied to the piano, Louis struggled to stay calm. His body was in shock. Harry lightly tugged on Louis’ pants, letting them fall to his knees. Harry spread Louis’ legs apart and stood in between them. He pulled off his boxer briefs gently and let them fall. With no warning, Louis felt Harry shove inside him. He attempted to scream, but Harry’s hands covered his mouth.

“Don’t scream, whore.” He commanded. Louis tried to suck up the pain as much as he could, no matter how hard he throbbed. Harry continued to shove inside him. Louis bit so hard on his lips that he could taste blood. Harry was at full hardness now and spoke to Louis once again.

“Are you ready?” He panted; sweat dripping down both of their faces. Harry still had Louis’ mouth covered, so Louis nodded a yes. A few seconds later, Louis could feel Harry spill inside him, warmth filling him up. Louis came all over the floor and even got some on the leg of the grand piano. Harry let go of Louis’ mouth and pulled out, leaving Louis stretched and empty feeling. He moaned as Harry let go and his body relaxed.

“That wasn’t so fucking hard was it, Tomlinson?” Harry whispered, licking down Louis’ neck. “Did you like how it felt when I came in you?” He asked seductively. Louis had no choice but to nod. Tears filled his eyes as Harry got off him and untied his tie from the piano leg. Louis circulation had been cut off and his hands were blue. He struggled with his tie but eventually got it off and pulled his pants back up. Harry was redressing a few feet away. Louis could see how defined his chest and abdomen were. Harry saw Louis staring and smiled wickedly. He tied his tie on loosely and left the room, not even second glancing at Louis who was sitting in pain on the floor. Harry saw what he wanted and got it. Louis was powerless.  

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