Saving Zayn

When hanging out with friends at a pool and you see a guy drowning what's your first instinct???? What do you do if you get threatening text?? What would you do if you got a chance to marry your idol?


1. Save?

Mary pov.

It was noon and Olivia, Ellie, Elissa, and I were hanging out at the local pool. I was wearing a a green swim suit and a light blue cover up with flip flops. Elissa and I were tanning and Olivia and Ellie were in the pool swimming. The life guards had just taken a break and there was only one guy in the pool I looked at Elissa "He looks a lot like Zayn." I whispered into her ear."I think I'm going to talk to him when he gets out." Elissa poked me "Mary I think he is drowning," and for fact he was I took off my cover up and jumped in and not thinking at all. I grabbed Zayn and put him on the concrete. I knew mouth to mouth and if I had to I was going to. I pulled my self onto the concrete next to him and pumped his stomach. I was just about to do mouth to mouth when he woke up. He was a bit shaken up. That is when Louis and Liam walked out of the little shack. They then looked at me "What happened." Liam said bending down towards Zayn who was still shaken up but breathing. "Uh he was drowning and I jumped in and saved him." Liam looked at me "and may I ask what your name is?" I looked over at my friends "Mary....Mary Franzen." Liam shook my hand "Thanks so much for saving our friend." I smile "Your welcome." I then helped Liam lift up Zayn and we laid him down on a near by chair. A few minutes go by and I tell the guys I'll watch him its fine. Liam and Louis go off and jump into the pool. A little bit later Harry and Niall come out of the shack Harry catches Elissa's eye right away and they start to talk. I soon run over to our chairs an throw on my cover up. Zayn sits up "What happened?" I looked over at Zayn "Well you started to drowned and I jumped in and pulled you out. Then Liam helped me put you on this chair and well they are hanging out with my friends and I stayed here till you awoke." Zayn looked at me again "And what's your name darling." I smile and look down at my feet "Mary..Franzen." Zayn lifted my chin up "Beautiful name Mary."

Zayn's pov. 

The most beautiful girl was standing right in front of me. She saved me what am I suppose to do. "So Mary how old are you and when is your birthday." She looked at me confused. She had curly brown hair and beautiful blue/grey eyes. She was wearing a light blue cover up. "I'm 16 and March 23rd." I smile. "What's your friends names." I say gesturing towards the girls in the pool hanging out with Harry,Louis,Liam, and Niall. "Elissa,Olivia,and Ellie." "Which one is hanging around Harry?"  She giggled "Elissa she's my best friend." I look over at Mary she's so beautiful. I get up and grab her hand and take her so we are both sitting on the side of the pool. We put our feet in the pool. I put my hands back and find her hands to be back there too. I touch her hand and leave it there for a little bit. I see her smiling from the side. Niall then comes up by us. "Hey you two wanna go to KFC for lunch?" I nod and see Mary nod too. She stands up and walks over to her bags and picks them up. She then walks back over to me. Her friend Elissa follows. I go ahead and hug her. That's when I slip a piece of paper into her bag. She then walks to her truck to meet us at KFC.

Mary's pov. 

I was smiling ear to ear when we jumped into my truck. Elissa was too. We were following the guys and Ellie an Olivia who drove separately to KFC. I dug into one of my bags looking for my phone and grabbed a piece of paper instead. It had said 'Thanks for saving me beautiful let's go on a date soon~Zayn' it then had his phone number. I quickly punched it into my phone and texted him 'Hey this is Mary'  When Elissa settled down she looked and smiled at me. "I'm going on a date this weekend with Harry!!" I smile "Good." She looked at me "So how was saving Zayn." I smiled "Good he's really cute I got his phone number and he wants to go on a date real soon." She then turned on my radio and I rolled down my window. We sang along to it, when it came to What Makes You Beautiful we blared it. That song normally don't come on anymore since it was 2 years ago when it was extremely popular. We finally pulled into KFC that's when I got a text back from Zayn. 'How about we go out Friday?' I thought to my self in two days I got a date with a guy I have been dreaming about for years!!!!! I smiled an sent a text back 'Its a date' I then grabbed my bag and jumped out of my truck. We all walked inside and ordered. Niall ordered a huge thing of chicken. Everybody else just ordered a normal meal. When we were in line I saw Zayn glance over at me.

Zayn's pov.  

I looked over at Mary and I think I saw her look over at me too. I was really happy cause she said yes to our date. But I don't know what to do. She makes me so happy. We all go to sit down. Mary comes  over and sits by me an Harry and her friend Elissa sit across from us. She got two soft shell taco's from the Taco Bell portion. I slowly put my hand on her knee. She smiles and I can see that from the corner of my eye. She starts to eat and I just watch her. Once she finished she put her hand on top of my knee. She looked over at me "Eat." She whispered to me. I giggled and ate. She kept her hand on my knee and when I was done eating I put my hand on top of her's.  I could tell she was scared and nervous. Harry and Elissa go outside to talk for a little bit. Liam,Ellie,Olivia, Niall and Louis, just looked at each other and walked outside. I then put my arm around Mary and turned her towards me "Mary know need to be scared or nervous. I'm just like any other guy." She looks down at her hands. I fell bad but I don't know what's wrong. "Mary may I ask what's wrong." She just looked at me. I pulled her in for a hug. "Everything is gonna be alright." I said hoping to reassure her. "Its not that." She said sort of pushing me away. "You only want to go out with me because I save your life!" I looked at her shocked "No it's not that I admit I never would have noticed you but I really want to get to know you." I pulled her back into my arms. I think she understood. We both stood up and I opened the door for her she smiled. We walked over towards the rest of the group. Elissa was up against the truck and Harry was up against it to talking and flirting with her. Louis  was on the phone with Eleanor, Olivia and Ellie were chatting with Liam and Niall.  I  pulled her in for a hug. She smiled. We then walked over to Elissa and Harry, they were giggling. Elissa pulled Mary aside. After they chatted for a few they came back over. Mary hugged me "We gotta leave" She said whispering into my ear." I smiled and hugged her tightly "See you Friday then." We then departed ways. 

Mary's pov. 

We jumped into my truck. Elissa and I were gonna go shopping so I was ready for my date. We went to Debs Shop first that's where I found the perfect dress for my date. It was silver it was strapless and had a purple sash the top half was purple then after the sash it was silver. It was sequenced and flowy. It went about to a little above my knee. I also got silver heels that were about 2inches high.  We then headed back to my moms house for the night. I ended up texting Zayn for awhile our date was set for Friday at 2pm. I was to wear something relaxing and bring something nice for dinner.
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