Saving Zayn

When hanging out with friends at a pool and you see a guy drowning what's your first instinct???? What do you do if you get threatening text?? What would you do if you got a chance to marry your idol?


2. Date!!

Mary's pov..

It's time for my date with Zayn I wore my grey strapless ruffle dress and swim suit under neath. I then brought along my dress and heels and something to do with my hair. A few minutes go by and I hear Zayns car pull up. I walk outside Zayn's wearing plaid shorts and a light blue polo.  I smile when I see him and he comes over to me an hugs me. I smile. He then leads me to the passenger side. I slide in and he slides in to the drivers side. 

Zayn's pov

When i pulled up to Mary's house I saw her walk out she looked oh so gorgeous. I didn't know what to say though "You uh look beautiful." She smiles "You look mighty handsome yourself." She replies. We drive in silence for a little bit. I then decide to speak up. "You like the beach?" She smiles "Yes..." I look over at her "Well that's where we are going." We ride in silence again. I don't know what to say but this silence is killing me. "So do you got any siblings Mary?" 
"Yes, I got 2 real Lizzy and Michael both younger, then I got a older step brother Mark, and a younger step- sister and two younger step-brothers." I look at her and smile "How about any pets?" She looks out the window "Well yes Miley who's a golden retriever and  Daisy a golden retriever, but I've been dying to get a wiener dog." I smile big and just as I'm about to speak she interrupts me "What about you do you got any pets?" I laugh and she looks at me again "What's so funny Zayn?" I shake my head "Nothing but yes I got one dog a Great Dane named Coco." She smiles, I look at her "Here we are!" We pull up to a beautiful lake and beach.

Mary's pov.

We walk out onto this lovely beach and lake and nobody's here which is fantastic. Zayn goes to his car and gets a radio out and plugs in his iPhone and the music starts to play. "We got the whole beach to our self" he says putting his hands on my hips. I wrap my hands around his neck and we dance slowly. A few minutes go by and then Zayn takes off his shirt and walks a little bit into the lake. I just sit in the sand. Zayn comes back up onto the beach "Why won't you come in with me?" I look down at my feet "Because I don't got a beautiful body... I look ugly in my swimsuit." Zayn pulls me up on my feet  "No Mary you won't I promise now come on..." He pleads I look into his beautiful brown eyes and give in and go into the lake with Zayn. He even let me teach him how to swim. It was quite funny. After swimming for a while we go back into the truck and Zayn drove us back to his house. "You can go into my bathroom and get ready for tonight." I smile and go in. I get dressed into my dress and slide on my heels. I then put stuff into my hair and put a purple head band in. I then put on some clear mascara and lip gloss. I walk out of the bathroom to see Zayn standing there in a black tuxedo and man did he look handsome.

Zayn's pov.

I was waiting for Mary to come out. All of a sudden the door opened up and she walked out. She looked so beautiful in her dress. My jaw almost  dropped open. "Mary you look so beautiful!" I said pulling her in for a hug. She smiled and looked down at her feet. She was still a bit shorter than me even in heels. I kiss her forehead. We then walk out to my car and we head off to dinner. We end up going to a fancy Italian place for supper. While we are there I keep small talk. I'm quite nervous scared I may spill, or slop and she won't like me anymore. We order a big plate of spaghetti. As we're eating we catch a long noodle that's connected to both of us at each end. I slowly move in and so does she. When we get to the middle I kiss her slowly. She smiles and we finish up eating. Its about 10pm. I grab her hand and take her back to the car. We drive home mostly in silence the only noise we here are the crickets outside. I look over at her and notice her smiling and the moon light lying on her skin. It makes her just so much more beautiful. When we get to her house I help her out of the car. She kicks off her heels. "What's that for?" She looks down at the ground "I hate these stupid shoes!" I smile "Here." I grab her shoes and then lift her up baby style and carry her onto the deck then set her down. She smiles "Your such a gentlemen." I smile "You look really beautiful Mary!"She looks over at me "I had a great time tonight." I nod "Same here." I then hug her. She walks into her house and waves to me from the glass door. I smile and wave back. That night I drive back to my apartment. I was satisfied with the date but I didn't know when I'd see her next.
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