Saving Zayn

When hanging out with friends at a pool and you see a guy drowning what's your first instinct???? What do you do if you get threatening text?? What would you do if you got a chance to marry your idol?


4. 8 months together

Zayns pov. 

Today I started driving over to Mary's house it's Mary's 18th birthday today and her mom was gonna throw a huge party. When I pull up I'm the first one there. I knock on the door and see Mary she opens the door and hugs me "Happy Birthday Mary!" I say hugging her back.  She smiles. We walk inside her moms in the kitchen cutting up cucumbers.  She walks me back to her bedroom. "Look" she says pointing to an envelope laying on her bed. I look at her "You want me to read it?" She smiles and shakes her head yes. I go over sit on her bed an read the letter inside the envelope. "Mary this is awesome." She smiles and hugs me. She got accepted into Wisconsin State on a full scholarship!  She smiles really big "I start school in October." I look down and then back at her. "That's great." We walk back into the kitchen. People have just begun to come. When Randy , Elissa, and Harry gets here she shows the letter to them and they all smile and congratulate her. The rest of the band gets here. The party begins. Halfway through the party she goes and opens her present when she gets to mine she slowly unwraps it.

Marys pov.

I'm unwrapping presents and I get to Zayn's he wrapped it in pink wrapping paper. As soon as I unwrap it I see a small jewelry box. I smile I open up the box and read what it says to my self. It says 'Mary will you make me so very happy and Marry Me?' Then I look down and see a beautiful diamond ring. I smile and look over at Zayn and nod my head yes. I look over at every one in my family and all of my friends finally my mom speaks up "What did he get you?!?!!" I smile and slip on the ring "I'm now engaged." Zayn smiles and every body says congrats. I run over to Zayn and kiss him. "Of course I will marry you" I whisper into his ear. I look over at Elissa "Did you know about this?"She smiles and nods. I grab a pillow and chuck it at her. Zayn laughed. I smiled and kissed his cheek. We then dug in and had some cake.

Zayn's pov.

I was sorta scared to tell Mary's dad we were getting married. I was really scared to be exact. That day we went to the salon first cause Mary was getting blonde highlights in her hair. We then went to her dads house slowly. She was snuggled up against me. "Zayn we can't tell him he is gonna be so pissed off!!!" "But Mary I need his permission to marry you." She burried her head into my side. I slowly pulled over into Casey's in waterman. I lifted Mary's chin up. "If he knows you well enough he will let you." "Okay but Zayn I'm going to tell him when I want to." I nodded I then kissed her. She just smiled a little and then we drove to her house. 

Mary's pov.

I walked up to the front door Zayn's hand intertwined with mine. My ring fully showing we walked in. I lifted up our hands so everyone can see. "We are here." Zayn looked at me "Mary ring..." he whispered into my ear. I nodded. We then sat down. Joslyn looked at our hands and her mouth dropped open. I then see my dad catch my ring. "Excuse me Mary let me talk to Zayn for a second." I walked down stairs with Joslyn and everyone else there was a bunch of pictures of me in the living room. 

Zayn's pov. 

Mary's dad walked out to the garage. I just sat in the living room for a few. I then saw all the pictures of Mary and the one of her kissing her dad on his wedding day. I stared at it for the longest time. Then her father comes over and taps my shoulder "She's beautiful ain't she?" I nodded "Yes sir!" Her father smiled "I want you to know that she will always be my little girl and I know she's her mommas whole world and I don't wanna see her get hurt. I belive your a good man and won't dare hurt her and I can see she really loves you and I see you love her too. She's been through so much. I don't wanna see her have to go through it again!" I nod "Yes sir." Her father then shakes my hand "Welcome to the family then son, but if u get her pregnant before she gets through school I'll make sure your gone!!" I nod "Thank you." I then walk down stairs I see Mary and I run over to her and hug her and kiss her lips!! "I take that as my father said Yes!!!!" I smiled! I then quickly interrupted her from saying anything else "May I get that tattoo now?" She smiled "sure why not!" That night we went to the tattoo parlor and I got Mary on my side really big with a bunch of hearts! She smiled "I love you Zayn!" I smile "I love you too." A bunch of fireworks went off then and I kissed her slowly in the dark with distant booms going off!
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