Saving Zayn

When hanging out with friends at a pool and you see a guy drowning what's your first instinct???? What do you do if you get threatening text?? What would you do if you got a chance to marry your idol?


3. 2 months in the making

Zayns pov.

Today I drove over to Mary's house she walked outside her hair in a pony tail. She was wearing jean shorts and a blue cropped tee. I go up to her and walk her to the car. She smiles. We head back over to my apartment when she gets a text from one of her friends. She reads it to herself. I don't mind I just keep on driving. She turns and looks out the window and I see tears running down her face. "What's wrong?" She looks at me and wipes her tears. "Oh nothing just umm these contacts are bugging me." I look at her confuse and then pull over into the gas station. "You don't have contacts or glasses... What's really wrong." She looks down at her phone then back out the window. I reach over and grab her phone. I go to her messages and look at her most recent one. I can't tell who its from because they blocked the number but I go ahead and read it.'Mary... Don't think your gonna get it off easy and date our idole with out paying the price. Just when your perfect Zayn leaves your side were gonna come and get you and there's an army of us so don't think u will be able to get out alive...
Say your goodbyes now' I look over at Mary who's still crying I throw her phone down and drive fastly to my apartment. When we got there I noticed Harry's car there "Oh crap we promised to double date tonight." Mary looked at me and shook her head no. I looked at her it hurt me to see her so sad. I got out and grabbed her hand she grabbed her phone and put in her bag. When we got into my apartment Mary ran towards Elissa and they went out to chat. I went over to Harry. "We can't leave Mary's side for one minute!" Harry look confused "Why not?" "Because when we were in the car she got a text saying as soon as I leave her side a bunch of people are gonna kill her because she's dating me..." Harry looked over at the girls "Well Elissa hasn't gotten any hate messages yet. Do you know who the sender is maybe you can text them back..." "Nope sorry they had the number blocked. I just feel bad for Mary because she doesn't deserve this." Mary and Elissa then walk in. Mary walks straight passed me and heads towards my room. "What's she doing?" Elissa looks over at Harry "Changing.." Elissa then sat down by Zayn "What are we gonna do we can not let some freak bug out on Mary like that." I looked down at my feet "I don't know but I'm never leaving her side and if I do you or Harry have to be there with her." Elissa and Harry both nod. Mary then walks down the stairs in jeans and a pink tank top with a denim jacket. I can tell she put make up on. Her eyes are really blue at the moment from crying and I can tell she is still sad. We jump in the back of Harry's car I put my arm around Mary and she leans her head down on my shoulder. I don't know what exactly to do. After a few minutes of driving we stop at the movie theater. We are going to see Catching Fire a movie both Mary and Elissa have been dying to see. Mary doesn't looked thrilled to be here. I try to make her happy buy winning her a stuffed dog but she just smiles a little smile and kisses my cheek. When the movie starts I hold Mary's hand. We watch the movie and it turns out to be really good, but Mary doesn't say much except for 'Thanks' When we get back to my house I go upstairs with Mary for a few. She sits on my bed "Mary I wont let anybody hurt you or touch you." She looks down at me. I stand up and put my hands on her knees "They won't hurt my babe if i'm with you.... I will be with you and I won't leave." She looks over at the wall "Maybe we should just break up." She looks me in the eye and I can tell she see that I am shocked. "Maybe if I stopped dating you I'd stop getting these hate messages this is the 5th one this week. I just can't handle this Zayn!" I make her look at me "Why didnt you tell me you were getting these kinds of messages?" 
"Because Zayn I didn't want you to get scared or upset or mad." I didn't no what to say "Well your my girlfriend and there gonna have to get over that." I pulled her in for a hug and slowly and sweetly kissed her cheek. "I'm sorry." I didn't know what to say. I grabbed her hand and we walked down stair. Harry and Elissa had turned on the tv and were watching the new. "Okay Harry call up Liam,Louis,and Niall. ASAP!!!" Harry nodded and started to call them. "Mary why don't you call your mom tell her what's going on and ask if you may  spend the night." She smiled and nodded. "Elissa you do the same and I'm going to call Paul and have him come over too." 

Mary's pov. 

I dialed my moms number she picked up.
"Hey Mary!"
"Hi mom, may I spend the night tonight I got another threatening text and Zayn found out and he doesn't want to leave me."
I heard my mom sigh "Yes, is Elissa staying too, and do you have pajamas and clothes for tomorrow?"
I smiled "Thanks mom and yes Elissa is gonna stay and I do have clothes for tomorrow and pajamas." I ran back over to Zayn he was still on the phone with Paul, so I walked over to Elissa "You able to stay?" She nodded. I smiled. We then walked upstairs. I changed into a pair of polka dotted short shorts and one of Zayns muscle shirts. Elissa put on a pair of striped short shorts and one of Harry's shirts. We both then walked down stairs. Harry looked over at Elissa and smiled. Zayn walked over to me and hugged me "Paul and the guys our on there way. It seems Eleanor just got one just like that one almost identical but with her name and Louis name." Eleanor, Danielle,Elissa, and I have become very good friends latley. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed some chips. Elissa grabbed the dip. I then walked out side to the garage to get some pop and the garage door was open. I looked out at the street and saw 7 girls in the window of the house across the street they had binoculars and one had a pitch fork. I dropped the soda and ran back inside. "Zayn go look across the street there's 7 girls with binoculars and one with a pitchfork." Zayn came over to me and grabbed my hand and then walked with me outside. He looked over and saw the girls. He grabbed the pop and kissed me right in front of the girls. He put his hands on my waist and I put my arms around his neck. He then shut the garage door and we walked back inside.  Elissa looked at me and I smiled. We then heard a knock on the door. Zayn made me stay in the living room when he got the door.

Zayns pov.

I heard a knock on the door. I quickly walked over and looked out the window. It was just Paul, Liam, Danielle, Eleanor, Louis and Niall. They all quickly walked in and we all say in the living room. I pulled Mary onto my lap. Paul then spoke up "Mary could you please read the texts so we can see what we are dealing with." She nodded "Monday: Mary no need to hide or show Zayn these text if I find out that he knows your head comes off. Tuesday: Mary I noticed you never told him. I'm still watching you... Wednesday: It's time Mary when the time comes I'll make sure its a fast death.
Thursday: Dead dead as can be.
And today Mary... Don't think your gonna get it off easy and date our idole with out paying the price. Just when your perfect Zayn leaves your side were gonna come and get you and there's an army of us so don't think u will be able to get out alive...
Say your goodbyes now."
Paul nodded and Eleanor's mouth dropped open! I pulled Mary in closer and grabbed her hand. "Wait I just got another one... It says 'Saw your kiss very funny and I see you told him... That's alright you and Eleanor don't got much more time till your done.'" Eleanor clutched Louis tighter. I clutched her hand. "I know who it is!!" Paul looked at me confused "Who!" "Her names Ryile she lives across the street I had to baby sit her once she's 12 and is in love with me  she has over 100 posters on her wall of me. We dont gotta be scared now I'll just tell her mom." Mary hugs me. "Well go do it Zayn!!" Louis shouts. I walk on over to her house. I knocked on her door. Ryile answered the door. I turned back and looked at Mary who was standing in the doorway. "What do you want Zayn?" "Ryile let me talk to your mom!" "No by the way you better say goodbye to that little beach of yours." I looked back over at Mary and then pushed Ryile out of the way. I walked through there house. I then saw Ryile's mom in the kitchen "Mrs.Vival may I speak to you?" She nodded "Your daughter has sent threatening text to my girlfriend and my friends girlfriend lately." "Really well I'll make sure to take her phone away thanks for letting me know Zayn."  I smiled and then walked back outside. I saw Mary standing there and I ran across the street an picked her up "It's alright now." She smiled and pecked my lips. We walked back inside everybody looked at us "You guys we should be good now!!" Everybody smiled. 

Mary's pov

Eleanor, Danielle, Elissa and I all walked into the kitchen the guys were playing video games.We decided to make tacos for everyone and throw a small party. I called up some people so did Elissa. We ended up calling Joslyn, Olivia, Ellie, Lucy, Randy, Drew Headly, Adrian, Hannah Sorbel and Ryan Quinn. It was a fun little party the guys played video games and us girls all hang out and chatted. We then turned on the music. The first song was a slow song and mostly everybody was paired up. I was with Zayn, Elissa and Harry, Louis and Eleanor, Liam and Danielle, Joslyn and Niall, Ellie and Adrian, Olivia and Randy, Lucy and Drew, Hannah an Ryan. After that there were only 3 other slow songs and for those the girls pulled names for who they would dance with. For the first one I ended up dancing with Randy, Elissa and Zayn, Niall and Ellie, Olivia and Louis, Danielle and Drew, Lucy and Ryan, Eleanor and Adrian, Hannah and Harry, and Liam and Joslyn. For the second one I danced with Niall, Elissa with Drew, Randy and Eleanor, Louis and Ellie, Joslyn and Adrian, Ryan and Danielle, Olivia and Liam, Hannah and Zayn, and lastly Lucy and Harry. For the last dance  we mixed it up and the guys all  chose numbers each girl had a number and they would take our number add them together than count down the line like in MASH. I got partnered up with Louis, Elissa and Liam, Danielle and Zayn, Joslyn and Randy, Ellie and Harry, Lucy and Niall, Olivia and Ryan, Hannah and Drew, Eleanor and Adrian. In the end it was a fun nights and everybody got a long perfectly. I even got a apology from Ryile her mom made her come over and say Sorry. It was very kind.
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