The Perfect Birthday

The Perfect Birthday is about two girls Emily and Tori going to a concert for Tori's birthday and A LOT of surprises happen! Please tell me your honest opinion about it. If you don't understand something just let me know.


2. At The Concert


Still Tori's POV

"JUST ONE LOOK AND I SAW YOUR FACE! YEAH FELL IN LOVE TAKE A MINUTE GIRL, TO STEAL MY HEART TONIGHT!" We both sang along while the boys pointed at us. After that, they started answering questions from Twitter, then I saw MY username! "@ToriTrevz03 asked, How old do you have to be to be a directioner? Well Tori, it doesn't matter! Is Tori here??" asked Niall. I was jumping up and down and screaming while Emily and my mom pointed at me. "IM TORI!!!! IM TORI!!!" I screamed. He asked me and Emily to go on the stage. "Mom! Can we?" I asked. "Of course you can! It's your birthday!" Emily ran up on the stage. I was having trouble cause I'm short, so Niall helped me and picked me up, and took me on stage. He wouldn't put me down, he was holding me like a baby, like a big brother holding his new baby sister, finally, he put me down. "Do you guys know any of our songs?" Liam asked. "WE KNOW ALL OF THEM!!!" Emily cried. Jeez, that girl needed to calm her cheese. Louis heard my stomach grumble. I blushed in embarrassment. "Dang girl." said Zayn in a surprised voice. "Would you like to join us for tea later girls?" "Sure." I replied. "OF COURSE WE WILL!!!!" screamed Emily. Emily curled her hair when we went, and Liam was playing with it like their was no tomorrow! She giggled as he twisted her curls around. Harry was very quiet sitting in the back with Louis. Lou was awful quiet too. Me and Emily went back to our seats talking about how the boys touched and talked to us. Then Harry, Louis, and Zayn started reading the tweets. Niall was about to fall asleep, and everybody saw it. Liam was strong enough to pick him up, carry him like a baby, and rock him. All of the girls with the #NIAM hats said "AWWWWWWWW!" We both had to admit, it was cute!

Emily's POV
Omg.... Liam James Payne touched me and admired my hair.... Trying not to fangirl.... Trying not to fangirl..... OMG I CANT HELP IT FANGIRLING FANGIRLING OMG LIAM JAMES PAYNE TOUCHED ME!!!! Awwww... Niam moment<3.... "AWWWW NIAM FOREVER!!!" I screamed. I can't wait to go meet the boys! Is anybody else coming besides us??? Hopefully not, we are a little selfish with our boys sometimes ;). OMG WHAT IF LIAM SAYS IM ADORABLE OMG LIFE=MADE. I bet Niall already thinks Tori is adorable. Obviously, he wouldn't put her down! I guess her dreams of marrying him are gone, but at least she can still kind of be like his little sister! I still can't believe Liam like my hair, I hate it when my hairs curly, I guess now I can like it! I wonder what kind of Larry moment is going over there... I mean, Lou and Harry moment. I almost forgot that Larry Stylinson was done. Now there singing Gotta Be You, "GIRL I SEE IT IN YOUR EYES YOUR DISAPPOINTED CAUSE IM THE FOOLISH ONE THAT YOU ANOINTED WITH YOUR HEART I TORE IT APART!" we all sang along with Liam. His voice sounds more angelic in person, all of their voice do, I don't get why somebody would edit these god given voices? "Tori," I whispered. "What Em?" "How do we still have our underwear clean with these boys singing?" "Hahahah OMG Emily your so weird haha I don't know.." Tori said still laughing.
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