The Perfect Birthday

The Perfect Birthday is about two girls Emily and Tori going to a concert for Tori's birthday and A LOT of surprises happen! Please tell me your honest opinion about it. If you don't understand something just let me know.


1. Waking Up

Tori's POV

Yes!!!! Me and Em are having another sleepover!!!! Perfect for my birthday!!! "Victoria, Victoria, Reese!" I groaned. "Be quiet Gabbi, Emily is still sleeping!" I whispered, with my eyes still closed. "Did somebody say my name???" Emily said quietly rubbing her eyes. "Kids, look at what I got!!!" I opened my eyes, it was a card, I opened the envelope, "I wonder what it is!!!!!!" said Emily in excitement. It was a red card with One Direction's faces on it, "HOT!!!" Emily said with a dropped jaw. We opened it together, "Oh... My.... Gosh.... No...... Freaking....... Way......." We both read it in our heads, FRONT ROW VICTORIA T. SEAT 5, FRONT ROW EMILY V. SEAT 6. "Here! Read this!" my mom handed me two paper things. We read them out loud this time, "BACKSTAGE PASS TO MEET THE BOYS FROM ONE DIRECTION." "OMG I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!" Emily screamed. I started crying, "Tori, why are you crying?" my mom asked. "Mom, we are going to meet 1D, why else would I be crying???" "Maybe because you don't like them anymore???" "Mom, my party is 1D themed -_-."
"Ok then, whatever!" then she left the room.

Emily's POV

I can't believe it!!! Me and my best friend are going to meet One Direction!!!!!! What if Liam looks at me and mumbles, "ten!" But, that wouldn't be right, he would be a pedophile and he has a 
girlfriend. So, yeah. But what if he thinks I'm cute??? Not like, cute like, hot, I mean, like a baby kind of. Why is Tori crying??? It's probably because she's happy! OMG LIAM MIGHT TOUCH MY HAND AT THE FRONT ROW SEATS!!!!!! WHAT CAN WE POSSIBLY DO TO THANK HER FAMILY?!?!?!?! 
I'm gonna ask her family! Cause I'm brave!!!! No I'm not, I'm to shy to do that. Crap... I might loose my voice at the concert screaming LIAM LIAM I WANT YOUR PAYNE(is)!!!!! Gosh, I'm going to need LOTS of water bottles. Same with Tori, bet you the whole concert she'll be yelling, "NIALL NIALL I WANT SOME IRISH IN ME KISS ME YOUR IRISH!!!!!" Jeez....

Tori's POV

It's time to get ready!!!! I changed into a VAS HAPPENING?!?! T- Shirt that had each boy on the couch and Liam saying that, with some black skinny jeans, dark blue converse, and a  blue#NIAM cap.
"I'm ready!!" I yelled. "Hold on! Wait for me!" screamed Emily. She came downstairs wearing a shirt with a spoon on it and a red cross on it, some jeans, red converse, and the same #NIAM cap except purple. "Nice hat!" I winked at her. "Hahah thanks I like yours too!" she replied with a wink. 
We got into the car, which was decorated in posters, stickers, and pictures. We blasted their album Up All Night from my iPad. We were dancing like there was no tomorrow in the car. We stopped. "Mom, why did you stop??" "WE'RE HERE KIDS!!!" "YAYYYYY!!!!" we both screamed. We ran inside being the first ones to. It started at 9:00 pm and we went there at 1:00 am just to be the first ones. Yes! We got our seats on time! We sat down in our seats fangirling that we are going to meet our favorite band ever! 
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