"Forever With You"

When 5 best friends start their third year in an all girls school, news is that they're combining the all girls school and all boys school together. When Isabella bumps into a guy she doesn't know, they experience a 'love at first sight'. What will their love lead them to?Will their love last?


5. Unknown

Liam’s POV

I opened the door just to make sure no one would hear me once I stepped in. As I slowly closed the door behind me, I heard someone clear their throat behind me.

“Mom, what are you doing here? I mean-“I stumbled giving a half smile.

“Oh, nothing. How do you appear to be so late today” questioned my mom.

“Crowded lockers and stuff” I mumbled.

“I see. And who was that girl you were walking down the street with” she smirked.

I don’t know what to say. I mean I know she’s a friend and all, but my mom is definitely going to make a big deal out of this. If I don’t tell her, she’s still going to tease me. So I might as well just tell her.  

“She’s a friend I met at school” I started to blush a little, wondering how she would respond. But excitingly, she got away with a “mmhmm” and left. I totally forgot to tell her I have dinner at her house.

“Oh yeah, mom. I'm not staying for dinner tomorrow. I'm going to Isabella’s house at 8” I reminded her. I looked away not to make direct eye contact with her.

“Isabella, nice name and ‘girl’” she said emphasizing the word girl.

“We’re just friends, nothing more” I giggled a little and started walking upstairs.

I looked back to see her smirking and letting out a little laugh as she saw I was turning red by blushing.

Isabella’s POV

I had an incoming video call from someone named “liam0987”. I expected it to be Li, but it was somebody else. I accepted it and there I saw him. His dark brown eyes shot at me like daggers. His dirty blonde hair was whipped to the side messily, and he had his brow pierced. I hated this. Why did I accept when I never knew who it was? I guess taking risks is all a part of life. But now I regretted doing this.

“Hey babe” he mumbled under his breath.

He let out an even smirk.

“Josh” I shot him a death stare.

“Why so harsh Bella” he said.

Before he could say another word, I clicked end and shut the laptop, letting out a little banging sound. I hate him. How did he find me? Why did he even call me? The old memories are done and gone forever, but whenever I see him, the memories invade my brain like knives. What he did is indescribable. I couldn’t even say anything without shedding a tear. But this time I held them back, fighting against them. I just wish I could let out everything that is on my mind. To someone who would actually listen, care and understand how I felt. I haven’t even told my parents or sister about what happened. I couldn’t. I don’t know how they would react to this situation. I haven’t told anyone except Ellie. She was one of the closest people to me. Shedding a few tears, I decided that pushing this thought away was the best idea. So that’s what I did and then I got up and went downstairs for dinner.


I was almost done getting ready for dinner with Liam. I changed the plans and told him to bring his parents along so they could meet each other, and just get to know each other better. He agreed and said that all of them would come, apart from his two siblings. I was adding the touch-ups of my makeup. i took a light pink blush, and brushed it onto my cheeks. after half an hour, I was finally ready. Just 5 minutes from 8. They can be here any minute. My words came out right, just after about a minute, the doorbell rang.

I walked down the stairs calmy, not trying to look too eager for their arrival. There Liam stood in the doorway as he stepped in, glancing around the house. He was wearing a purplish maroon Burberry shirt, with black jeans with navy blue trainers. I got to admit, he looked cute.

"hi, nice to meet you" I greeted his parents and have him a smile. He returned one soon enough. I led the way to the living room. My house in particular was pretty big. It had 5 spacious rooms, all with a walk in closet and and ensuite. I mean my parents with their 'high class' jobs and my sister being a fashion designer. But in particular, I hated to brag about my things and myself. It was rude and also useless. I behaved like any other 17 year old would.

"please make yourself comfortable. I'll bring drinks and appetizers while you guys start to chat" explained my mom, letting out a big smile before going to the kitchen. Me and Liam started to talk to each other, while the parents on the other hand talked about business and things parents talk about.

"nice place" Liam said.

"thanks" I replied. we sat there for a awkward 2 minutes, until my mom got back to us with the drinks/appetizers.

"pllease dont be shy to help yourself" he said to Liam. As everyone was chatting and eating, my mom walked up to us.

"why dont you show Liam around the house" she asked. She smiled and let out out a little wink that I caught.

"yeah. sure. why not." I added.

"lets go" said Liam. So from that point we got up and I started to tour Liam around the house. We were upstairs and in my room by now.

"and this here is my room" I told Liam. He seemed interested in the 'tour' I was giving him. He complimented about each room, which I thought was polite.


"thank you so much for having us" thanked Liam and his parents.

"it was a pleasure having and meeting you" I added. It was nice having them over. We got to really know each other in this time. By the time they had come, and were leaving, it was already 11.

"such a darling" Liams mom complimented.

Then with that, they were directing themselves into the car, and were pulling out of the driveway and on to the road.


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