"Forever With You"

When 5 best friends start their third year in an all girls school, news is that they're combining the all girls school and all boys school together. When Isabella bumps into a guy she doesn't know, they experience a 'love at first sight'. What will their love lead them to?Will their love last?


4. Plans

I wasn't nervous. I know. So I just gave him a normal smile. I grabbed my bag and then started walking down the street. What I found surprising yet freaky was that Ellie, Rachel, Crystal and Melanie all said they weren't going to walk to school today. Today is also the day Liam decides to walk with me. Should I be suspicious. Whatever.  "you look... N-nice today" complimented Liam.  "thanks. You don't look so bad yourself either" I replied. Wow. I gotta say, I sounded like a drama queen there. I have got to stop that. We strolled along the sidewalk, almost 2 centimeters apart. This sidewalk is pretty small. Once we passed Ellie and Rachel's house, I looked up and stated at it for a few seconds. I set my gaze back to the ground. 2 minutes down the street and my phone starts to vibrate. I took it out of the pocket and looked at the text.  "awkward eh!" it was from Liam.  I didn't reply. I looked up towards Liam. I just let out a little smirk.  "talk to me" I said. I was pretty surprised how confident I was when I said that.  "umm, okay. Wanna go out.... For lunch today? Not the café, but like a proper place like the pizzeria down the street. My treat" he questioned. "I couldn't, I mean-"  "come on izzy, my treat. Please" he pleaded.  I couldn't say no to that. He looked so innocent and I knew that he would win. "okay fine" I replied. After that I just realized he gave me a nickname. Izzy, that's a cool name.  "Nice name...Izzy" I said.  "oh I'm sorry I didn't mean-" he apologized.  "no no, I like it" I cut him off and said. What was I doing. I like it, that's sounded pretty stupid. Now that u already said it, I couldn't take it back. It would sound to pushy and regretting. But to be honest, I love , I mean like that name. I gave him a smile and he returned one.  - "alright class. Take your seats and put your phones away" explained Mrs.Brie, the chemistry teacher.  She's one of the nicest and finest teacher I know. You know, not so serious like the rest of them.  "today we're starting an experiment. I know it's only the first week, but trust me on this one. It's gonna be a fun one you won't regret" explained Mrs.Brie.  "find a partner. Like I say, Be open with your choices, but also wise" she quoted.  The whole class was all paired up. I looked around and most of the class was already paired up. The only person left was him. He was waking towards me.  "izzy, wanna be my partner" Liam asked. He was gazing into my eyes.  "I would love to Li" I replied. I was going to ask him in the first place since I knew Ellie and Melanie were always partners.  "ah, Li. I like that name" he smirked. He sat on the stool next to me and placed his bag in the middle beside my bag.  "so everyone please take a paper and pencil/pen to take quick notes. They'll come in handy in this experiment" she emphasized.  I took a paper out and placed it on my table. I started going through my bag to find something to write with. No such luck. "isn't this my day" I murmured under my breath. I kept looking through my bag 'till someone tapped my shoulder. I looked to see Liam smiling, holding a pen out I front of me. Cute.  "thanks so much. I don't know what I would do if you weren't here right now" I said with a good reasoning.  "no problem. Anything for you Izzy" he giggled.  What did I just say. That sounded a little to serious. Noticing what I said, I ignored it. It finally felt nice to say what came to my mind. But what if he minded. It's sure didn't seem like it. He's smiling. I'm sure he appreciated what u said. I think. Anything could be going on behind that smile. Pushing that thought to the back of my head, I started taking the notes on the board.  So from what I know so far, we're making volcanos in chemistry. It's sounds childish, but the hard part is that it can't be using baking soda and vinegar, or coke and mentos. But Liam is quite the "chemistry" guy himself.  - Lunch was fun. I'm still thinking about it, even though it's more than half past the afternoon classes.  - < flasbacj > "are you ready to go" questioned Liam. "yep. Let's go. Where are we going anyways" now I questioned Liam.  "surprise" he giggled back at me.  We walked for about for minutes just across the street and around a corner. We were headed towards a small area with minimum stores. When we got there the board read "Pablo's Pizzeria". Sounds new.  "here it is" he exclaimed.  "sounds like a good place" I replied, not letting my emotions burst out all at once.  "let's go in" he said.  When we got in, we were directed towards a table for two. We made our way there and took our seats. Next we were given menus. After skimming through the menu, the waiter had come to us to take in our order. It was a very unique and polite place. Everyone was nice to you.  "how may I take you're order" the waiter, whose name tag read "Pablo" asked us. I guess he was the owner.  "I'll have a pepperoni and bacon pizza slice with some sprite" he ordered.  "what will you have ma'am" the waiter asked me.  "umm, I'll have just a pepperoni slice" I ordered.  "it will be ready in 5 minutes" the waiter re-assured before stepping away.  "so what's up. How's the surprise" asked Liam.  "i really do love and appreciate this. I don't know how I can ever repay you" I questionably said. It's sounded so, from the heart.  "its okay. Don't even-"  "dinner at my place tomorrow at 8:00. It's a Saturday" I asked.  "I really couldn't. I mean-" I cut him before he could finish.  "please" I pleaded and gave him a puppy dog face.  "fine" he said.  Then we had our pizza and chatted before heading back to school.  We had a great time, and also planned dinner. Can this get any better.  <flashback end >  - It was the end of the day, and I walked home with Liam. Strangely, the girls still never walked with me.  On the way back home, I heard it again. I felt like someone was with me. I knew Li was there, but there was a third person. I stopped right where I was, and Liam stopped too. I looked around, and no signs of anything or anyone. Liam had a questionable look in his face. I gave him a quick smile and we continued walking. He dropped me back home. When I knocked on the door, my mom opened it. She gave me a smirk. She shrugged her eyebrows up and down, staring at Liam at the same time. I rolled my eyes with a smile and waved good-bye to Liam.  I ran upstairs and freshened myself up a bit, then started to listen to my music. Just then my mom walked in.  "who was that handsome young fellow" she smirked.  "a friend" I replied.  "mmhhmm" she said and walked away.  Just before she left, I called in her again.  "mom, Liam's coming over tomorrow at 8:00 for dinner" I told her.  "really. Well I'll make something special just for that". She gagged and just walked back downstairs. I opened my laptop an logged into Skype. I had an incoming call from someone called "liam0987". I would expect it to be Liam, but when I accepted, it turned out to be someone different.  **************************************************************************************************************** HEEYYY! I hope you like it soo far! Omg! Suspense there at the end! Whose it gonna be! Well enjoy and I'll update tomorrow again! Hopefully ! Oh ya! Should I make the chapters longer!? Idk, they look shorter conpared to other fanfic chapters. Idk ! -P.M! <3

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