"Forever With You"

When 5 best friends start their third year in an all girls school, news is that they're combining the all girls school and all boys school together. When Isabella bumps into a guy she doesn't know, they experience a 'love at first sight'. What will their love lead them to?Will their love last?


6. Memories Made

(signs like these: ~*~ means flashback start and end)

"lets print these ones" I told Liam who sat opposite from me in the living room.

"Ya sure" he said. "and these ones too" he pointed towards the picture that was displayed on his netbook screen.

"awesome. So are these all of them" I asked Liam as I slowly got up and sarted to properly stand up. He also did the same.

"Ya. So lets get going to the shop to print these" he exclaimed as we walked out the door, and into the car.


"two copies for both of us, yeah?" he asked me. 

"sounds great. We both will have our first memories" I exclaimed and shot him a smile. he returned one back instantly. 

We stood there by the screen that printed our pictures.One by one, the pictures from the day Liam came over, printed. 


"having fun" 

"yeah. loads! how about some pictures for this night" he questioned, picking up the Canon camera that sat on my night table.

"sounds like a plan" I smirked, taking the camera from his hands and snapping random pictures of us together. 


"Izzy" I heard someone calling. I was lost in the deep thoughts of that night. It was just so special. It felt as if, he was always there for me. I have only known him for less than a month, and yet we're so close. I snapped out of the thoughts once someone tapped me.

"You aright, love?" Liam softly whispered to me. 

"better than ever".

With that being said, we grabbed the envelopes that had the pictures ready for us to take, and we strolled along.

"bye" I waved to Liam as his trainers marched down the concrete stairs, off the porch. I rushed up the stairs and straight to my room as I leaped onto my bed, shutting the door behind me. I scanned my hand underneath my bed, sliding a scrapbook from underneath. i opened it, and slowly flipped through the pages full of so many memories from when I was young to now. 

age 8: Bella singing and jamming on the guitar

age 9:Bella's first school performance 

It reminded me so much of how much I liked to sing. But now, it's just one of my many hobbies. I was through singing at the age of 15, when it happened. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget that. It was brutal. Every time I thought about it, bad memories would come hit me like a knife. Cutting through my skin and letting all the bad things fly back in, slowly taking over me. That's when I felt me cheeks go warm. I let out a single tear, and quickly wiped it off with my thumb. I shouldn't be crying over that. It's useless, yet so worthy.


I flipped through blank, transparent sheets and slid a picture into the ones that were empty. I labelled the back of them with a note.

first day together 

so cute <3

monkey faces ... never gets old

All of the little notes were so special. I wrote anything that came from my heart. Just then, as I was about to slide a picture in, it caught my eyes. I picked it up and saw the one of me and Liam hugging each other. I wrote something under it.

Love You, Liam <3 xx

It felt so right to be able to write that, and I didn't regret doing that. I placed the picture in one hand, using the other one to open the pocket for the picture. I gently slid it in, and continued with the rest. 

I woke up to the sound of something vibrating. I searched the pockets of my sweater, and took out my phone. The screen had a picture of Liam displayed on it. I slid my finger across the screen and heard Liam's voice.

"Is-Isabella" his voice was filled with seriousness and concern.

"Liam, is everything aright" I asked, my voice now full of concern.

"I...it's my parents..."

"what about them Li. Please tell me..." now feeling really worried.

"th-they came across a brutal accident" he spat out, as I could hear him crying over the phone now. 

I could feel my eyes filling up with tears now. slowly my cheeks started to get damp, as the warm liquid spread on my cheeks, as the tears reached my mouth leaving a salty taste.

Everything was going so fine and it was full of happiness. what happened now. I could still hear Liam over the phone crying. It was heartbreaking to hear this. What if something happened to them. After this thought I slid down the wall and buried my head into my knees, still keeping the phone to my ear. What's going to happen now?


so this is the first suspense in the story!

whats gonna happen?!

i hope you're enjoying ad like it so far. I am sooo sorry for the late upload. I'll try my best to upload everyday or every other day!

P.M <3 


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