"Forever With You"

When 5 best friends start their third year in an all girls school, news is that they're combining the all girls school and all boys school together. When Isabella bumps into a guy she doesn't know, they experience a 'love at first sight'. What will their love lead them to?Will their love last?


3. Daily Routine

It was now finally lunch. I started walking to the cafeteria and I saw my friends there, but they never saw me. I was walking in 'till a hand grabbed me. I turned around and it was Liam.  "wanna go to the café for lunch" he suggested.  "my pleasure" I giggled.  We walked towards the little café and looked back at my friends to only see them talking to one another.  "what do you want" he asked with a little smile across his face.  "umm, I'll take a cappuccino" I said.  "and I'll take a coffee" he said.  "with two chocolate muffins" he added giving me a look asking me if i wanted it. I nodded and then we got our food and strolled along to sit on a table. I sipped my drink and then as we sat down we didn't even look at each other. An awkward silence fell between us. He coughed and looked up.  " so tell me more about yourself" he asked with joy coming in through his voice.  "well its my third year here, and-" I paused.  "and-" he said.  I didn't reply. I just sat there looking at my muffin. I was pretty nervous at this point, with not having a clue on why I was. "well its actually my second year here. Two years ago, I moved from a neighborhood about an hour from here to a one near by here" he spoke, breaking the silence.  "what neighborhood" I calmy asked.  "newton homes. Just 10 minutes from here" he replied.  "really. I live in the same neighborhood as you" I surprisingly spoke up.  "well, we'll be good friends for sure now" he giggled.  "I look forward to it" I whispered loud enough for him to hear me. We both finished our drinks and we also had finished eating our muffins. We went back inside, to still find it to be lunch time. He took me to meet the rest of his friends. I walked slowly behind him passing the table Melanie and everyone had been sitting. They looked up at me and made faces about me and Liam. "Was it true" I kept thinking to myself. Of course not, I barely know him. I walked past them as I avoided contact and just followed Liam. He took me to the last table, closest by the window. As Liam walked closer, the four boys that were sitting there looked at me and just stared. They scanned me from head to toe and then started smirking.  "whose this I see" asked a guy with blonde hair, clear braces and a strong yet cute Irish accent.  "This is Isabella, my friend" he said.  "hello, hi , what's up" is what I heard the boys say.  "hey" I confidently spoke up.  "I'm Harry, this is Niall, Louis and Zayn" introduced a guy with bright green eyes and curly hair that was whipped to the side.  "Isabella Clair" I answered back.  "Clair; nice name" said a boy with black hair and hazel eyes. I believe his name was Zayn.  "back at you Mr-" "Mr.Malik" he said. "ah. Right, Mr.Malik" I spoke back at him.  "you chose a wise yet cute one" blurted a guy with sparkly blue eyes, who was wearing a striped shirt with red jeans and blue Toms.  Liam blushed and looked up at me.  "we're just friends" I shot back at him.  "mmhhmm, whatever you say" said Harry.  We talked throughout lunch, finding myself not even visiting where my friends were sitting. I had chemistry with Melanie and Ellie, art with Crystal and I had math with Rachel this morning. I can try to talk to them there. Once lunch was over, I met up with the rest of my girls in the hallway, Liam slowly walking to his next class.  "who is that handsome fellow" asked Crystal slowly forming a little smirk in her face.  I didn't know he was. He's a friend for sure, but I didn't know how to answer the question. "umm" I mumbled under my breath.  They were all staring at me while I stood there trying to distract myself.  "well we met today when we bumped into each other then he said he would meet me at lunch, so I did. He's a f-friend" I slowly spoke up.  "well you gotta introduce him to us, and his little friends as well" added Ellie slowly starting to walk away. Once all of them left, I felt relieved like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  -- "school is finally over" exclaimed Ellie.  "can't wait for tomorrow" I expressed myself with sarcasm darting from my mouth into the words.  On my way home I dropped by all of the girls houses for 5 minutes just to say "hi" and meet the rest of the family. After I was through, it was a 5-7 minute walk from Ellie's house to mine. So to occupy myself, I took out my white IPhone, connected some headphones and popped them into my ears. I decided to listen to Coldplay and Adele. For the past years, this has become my routine. Wake up, drop by the girls house and then school. After school, take the same way back, drop by the girls houses and then go home. I had seen the mail man walking down the streets, where he also handed me my mail, and I saw familiar teens walking back home. But these days it was different. It felt like something had changed, because I've never felt this way before, but it was hard to figure out. It seems like I've been hearing unfamiliar noises for the past days, but once I looked around, there was nothing. So I usually just ignored this. "probably just kids playing" I thought to myself. When I got home, I realized no one was there. Ashley (my sister) was 2 years older than me. She wasn't in college or university, since she had already gotten a job in the fashion industry. She's the president of the company. On the other hand, my parents are apart of the music and record deal companies. I'm proud I have to say. They get paid a lot and they care and love me just as much. I slowly stepped inside, and shut the door behind me. I got a granola bar, and scooted up the stairs, straight to my room. I showered and slipped on a purple jumper and black jeggings. I put on minimum makeup. Makeup was one of my prize possessions. I don't know how I would react I didn't have it.  - "Friday, finally" I said to myself. The week was slow and fun. I had come pretty close to Liam, and that the truth, but i don't like him. Well I'm pretty sure I don't, do I? I got up, brushed and washed myself up. I slipped on a pair of high waisted purple shots with a white blouse, that I decided to tuck in. I put my hair into a messy yet clean bun, and paired that with a now headband. I applied mascara and jet black eye liner. I brushed on a very thin layer of gold eye-shadow. "honey, hurry up" yelled my mom. "coming" I yelled back. I grabbed my bag and rushed down the stairs. As I was about to put my phone away, I saw it blink. It was a text from Liam. We already exchanged numbers.  "meet you at your house in 5" read the text.  "by the way, what's your address" he sent again. I smirked and I decided to reply.  "55 blue bush road" I quickly texted. With that I put my phone away and stood up in front of the mirror. Re-assuring my appearance was alright, the doorbell rang. I ran up to the door. When I opened it, I just smiled nervously. I didn't what had gotten into me. Was I nervous?  **************************************************************************************************************** Heey! My first note! K so. While I was writin I kinda for confused :$ idk why! But I hope you enjoy! Ouu! And OMG, schools almost here! In like a month! Anyone excited just as much as me? First year of high school! K I hope you enjoyyy! Comment what you think about it! - P.M! <3

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