Death by Love

This is the story of a girl, her first boyfriend, and a huge pit of depression.


3. Loved?

Okay? Now I know that wasn't really a good enough answer. Especially since I'm not.

Me: I'm not. Just another writer that dared dream like countless others. Artist and writers can shape this world. But only those who are strong. I'm not.

Max: Anyone who hasn't got a world of there own is Stupid. Not Pure... I didn't know that. I thought only some people dreamed of different worlds and realities cause they couldn't cope with the real world.

Me: But that's different, even if i did cope through this. The only thing I would want to do is not be in this world. I've already given up one dream, now it's time to give them all up... When I was younger had a dream of singing professionally. But that was squashed when I got into secondary school and audition for the school musical. I didn't have a chance what so ever. 

Max: You will eventually meet someone who will show you that what you say is not true. Oh my god. He has got to be joking now. Seriously. Three little words could sum that up.

Me: No I won't. I couldn't take this anymore, I just wanted to go jump in front of a bus or something.

Max: You say this Heather. I thought the same as you, you will. I promise you, infact look, I'm telling you aren't I? Well he is telling me this, but still.

Me: Max, you and only one other thing is telling me this. My body won't stop shaking and shivering, warning me, about the pain, but anything better than being unloved and unwanted. I'm not worth it, just another book to be lost amongst this soon dusty world.

Max: No.

Me: Yes. Now I just feel like I'm having an argument with him.

Max: People do love you, and I'm a prime example.


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