Love, Sarah Hartman

16 year-old Sarah Hartman has just found out she was diagnosed with leukemia. Her specific case was very severe, and she was put on a emergency lifeline, having only a few months to live. Her hospital partnered with the Make-A-Wish foundation, giving her one wish to come true before her time was up. Her one wish was to meet One Direction. But something more comes out of her wish: A secret love with Harry Styles. Will their relationship last? Or will her life's time break them up?


1. The News

 March 16, 2012. The day I found out I had leukemia. One of the toughest days of my life. At the time our family was very poor, so we didn't have any sort of healthcare. I was sick in my bed, for the third time that week. I had constant headaches, my body could not move at times, and I was always sore. My mother took care of me well, but that had not been enough. She decided to take me to the hospital because my sickness was starting to spread to my brothers and sisters in our tiny little home. As we left the little shack, we took the run-down,baby-blue car down the street to the local clinic. Visiting the clinic was something rare, that we haven't done much before. My mother slowly helps me out of the car as we head to the door of the clinic. I sit on the soft, grey couch in the waiting room with my blanket wrapped around me while my mother talks to the front office lady. I had noticed the clinic had changed since the last time I had been in there. There were new pictures on the wall, new furniture, and much more. I also noticed the change in color of the walls, from a powdery white color to a soft beige. 

                                     "Sarah Hartman, we are ready for you in Room 205," A middle-aged lady calls out from a clipboard as she enters the room. I gather up my blanket and follow the lady down the hallway. "My name is Anna, by the way," she says cheerily as we enter the room, shaking my hand.

                                      "Um, hi." I mumble quietly.

The lady starts by giving me a regular check-up; my heart rate, how I'm breathing, and my eyes, ears, and mouth. At around the time she checked my eyes, a scared look crossed her face.

            "Um, I will be right back," She said worriedly, "I am going to talk to Doctor Johnson." She hurried out of the room. At this time, I was a bit worried and scared. "What could be wrong with me?" I thought as I sat up straighter. I looked around the room. My head was getting dizzy...The room was spinning.....

                                                     "Hello? Miss Hartman? This is Doctor Johnson. Are you alright?" I heard a voice, but I could not see anything. My eyelids felt extremely heavy. "Open your eyes, dear." 

                                        "I..I can't..Th-the're too h-heavy.." I squeaked. I tried very hard to open them. Slowly they started to lift. I was starting to make out a person...The doctor. He had short, grey hair and some stubble on his chin. He had kind,soft green eyes and a tender smile.

                                         "There you go sweetie, good job." He said nicely.

                                         "Um, Doctor, I think we should tell her now," Anna mumbled softly.

                                         "Oh, yes, of course," Mr. Johnson exclaimed, "We should bring her mother in." Anna calmly walked out the door and down the hallway.                                                                                                                       

                                          "Why is she getting my mother? What is happening?!" I shouted, wide awake now. At this point I was angry, sad, and confused. Why are they getting my mother? What could possibly be wrong? Am I going to live? These thoughts rushed through my mind. Just then, my other and Anna walked through the door.                                                                                                                    

                                         " What is wrong with Sara, Mr. Johnson?" My mother exclaimed worriedly                                     

                                         " Well, this is never easy to say, but we have found some signs of sickness in your daughter's main body function after her check-up. We are sad to say that your daughter is diagnosed with severe chronic leukemia. Now this has been cause by her blood cells increasingly..."I stopped listening from there. I couldn't. One word stuck in my head that rung over and over: Leukemia. I had cancer.  



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