The Voice in The Chaple

The second book to Live Love Niall!


2. Year 1!

Today is our year anniversary but we are spending it buying a pack and play. I am 35 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby boy Grayson Brandy Horan.  I'm 21 now and Niall is 26. We have his room painted green with dinosaurs. We have almost everything but a pack and play. We even got a bigger truck. My brother has been over almost every other weekend he's now 8 and loves swimming in our new pool. We also have a play ground and sand box. Olivia is pregnant with a baby girl, named Ashley Danielle Tomilnson. She is due 3 days after me. Elissa got married in Vegas and just had her first son Cayden  Darwin Styles. Niall and I were walking through Target "Oh I like this one" I point to a dinosaur pack in play. My mom gave me Michaels old crib." We grab it and then go to the bottle and diaper isle. We stock up on a ton of diapers an bottles. We fill up Michaels full closet with diapers. The next day Niall and I went to Elissa's house to meet her baby Cayden. He was so adorable he had Harrys hair but Elissa's eyes. He was so adorable he was 2 months old now. We then had a cook out at our house with Elissa,Harry,Louis, Olivia and even Zayn came. Niall cooked burgers on the grill. He then made corn on the cob. We all started to eat then. I walked inside to get a sweatshirt. Zayn came inside and followed me to my room. I turned around and noticed him. "Hi?" He looked at me "Hello." I didn't know what to say so I put the sweatshirt on and then started to walk away, but Zayn grabbed my wrist "so what's the baby's name?" I looked at him weird "Grayson Brandy Horan." "ohhhhhh" I started to walk away again but Zayn again stopped me. "Why?" I looked at him confused "Why What." "Why didnt you say yes at the wedding?" I about slapped him.                   "Because I love Niall I don't like you!" I then stormed down the stairs and walked out back. Niall came towards me and hugged me."What's wrong?" I didnt say anything "I love you Mary." Niall then kissed me. I kissed back even stronger. Zayn then left followed by Elissa and Harry. Louis, Olivia, Niall and I then got into the pool. Olivia and I just sat around in the pool. Louis and Niall were splashing around. We then went to bed. It was around 11pm. Niall kissed me "Goodnight boo." I smiled and kissed him back "Goodnight Niall." He then kissed my belly "Goodnight Grayson!" The next morning around 1am I had terrible contractions. I shook Niall awake. He looked at me with wide eyes. "The baby's coming lets go." I jumped up and grabbed Nialls old sweatshirt he jumped up and grabbed the diaper bag and my over night bag. I went downstairs and climbed into the truck. Niall climbed into the driver seat. I called my mom and told her what's going on. We then got to the hospital in Dekalb. I went straight to a room and laid down on the bed. Niall stood right next to me the whole time.  

June 18th 2019 3:59am 
Grayson Brandy Horan was born. He was 7lbs 6oz and 21 inches long. You could already tell he was gonna look a lot like Niall. He was completely healthy when he was born. As I held him Niall kissed my forehead. The next day Louis and Olivia gave birth to there baby girl Ashley Danielle Tomilson. She looked a lot like Olivia.
During that next day Harry and Elissa came over and so did Zayn. When Zayn came over he held Grayson for a little bit. Then he left. Niall and him didn't talk nor did they make eye contact. Zayn was moving back to Bradford, England the next day. After a little bit we got to go home Niall kissed my head and we put Grayson in his carseat and I sat next to Grayson. When we got home Niall put him in his pack and play. Niall then kissed me a long long sweet kiss. We then fell asleep.
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