The Voice in The Chaple

The second book to Live Love Niall!


1. Wedding Crasher

"Wait stop the wedding." Everybody turned around. We saw Zayn in ripped blue jeans and a varsity jacket. He froze. Nialls jaw dropped and he clutched my hand. Zayn started down the isle. "I will not let you slip away this time I Love You Mary I have since I laid my eyes on you. If you don't marry me I will be very sad. I really really love you I wouldn't just say that." He was half way down the isle. "I want to see our kids playing in the yard I wanna push them on the swings. I want to wake up with you next to me and I want to be the one you kiss every morning and night. I want to watch you helping  our kids with there school work and you getting a little frustrated every now and then." He was at the alter "I want to be the one standing right here next to you." He dropped to his knees "Will you marry me." I glance at Niall, I then look at Zayn I have tears streaming down my eyes. I shake my head No. Zayn looks down "I knew I was to late!" He jumped up and shook Nialls hand "Your a really lucky man" Niall shook his head "I know I am." Zayn walked back to a pew and sat down. Niall looked at me and smiled. He mouthed 'I love you.'  The paster then had us say I Do. We both did. He slipped a ring on my hand and I slipped one on his. He then pulled my close and kissed me a slow long kiss. "I love you Mary." I kissed him again "I love you too." We then walked hand in hand down the isle. We jumped into his truck. There were beer cans hanging off the back with Just Hitched on the back. We drove off to our place for the reception. When we got there we got into our swimming suits.  When everybody got there we all ran out back and Niall and I ran down the dock and we jumped off hand in hand. We kissed again we all hung out in the lake for a while. Some people were inside eating. When we were done swimming we had the first dance. I was back in my dress, my hair was back in a pony now though. Niall and I danced to Amazed by Lonestar as our first dance. The second dance me and my dad danced to My Little Girl by Tim McGraw. When that song was over everybody started to dance. Randy then came up to me "Congrat Mary, May I have this dance." Randy and I then danced to That Should Be Me by Justin Beiber. When the song was over Randy hugged me "By the way you look beautiful." I smile "Thanks Randy" Everybody got into the dancing mood. We did the dollar dance, chicken dance, hokey pokey, and the limbo. It was about 1am when everybody left. Niall sat in the passenger seat and I drove home. When we got home Niall carried me in the house and up the stairs. He laid me down on the bed and kissed my cheek. He then took off his tuxedo. I changed into pajamas too. Niall kisses my neck well Mrs.Horan. What an interesting night. I laugh and then we lay in bed he kisses my neck a few more times and then kissed my lips. We fall asleep about an hour later. The next morning we wake up about 11am. Niall kisses me awake. "Good morning Mrs. Horan." I smile "Morning." We walk down stairs. I make us pancakes as we watch the news. "Local Wedding Crasher." Niall and I both turn to the TV and we see a picture of Zayn kneeling at the alter and me and Niall standing there. I look at Niall "Oh crap we made the News." We watch the rest of the News and eat are chocolate chip pancakes.
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