The Voice in The Chaple

The second book to Live Love Niall!


3. Days Like Today

Today is Grayson's 1st birthday. He is at the verge of almost walking, and he talkes little bits of stuff. His first word was mama. I have my bachelors degree in photography. I am pregnant again. We don't know what sex.  Elissa just had her second son Delilah Sammie Styles. Olivia is 8 months pregnant with a baby girl.  When the party starts we see Zayns truck pull up but we don't know if it's him. A few minutes later we see a blonde girl who looks pregnant and Zayn by her side. I look over at Niall he just clutches my hand and pulls me closer. Zayn walks over and handed us a present I nodded. Zayn looks over at this girl. "Hello Mary and Niall this is Victory shes my girlfriend. She's pregnant with our first daughter Olivine Mary Malik." I smile. Victory then starts to speak "don't I know you from somewhere" she says pointing to me "werent you the girl sitting in front of us a few years ago on a plane to Ireland?" She nods and then walks over "Are you pregnant to?" I nod yes. "Yes if it's a boy his name is gonna be Tyler Keith and if its a girl her name is gonna be Alanna Victoria. " She smiled then walked away. We mingled for a little bit then Grayson opened his presents. Most of it was clothes. I then took Zayn and Randy and Victory on a tour of our house since non of them have been here before. I showed them our room which is mostly the same just has a pack and play in it now. Then to our new crazy area. Which had pictures of Grayson on the walls and our family together some of me and Niall when we were younger. We then showed them Michaels room which is now Blue with a bed and some toys on the ground. He doesn't stay to much any more. The next room is Grayson's and its pretty much the same and then instead of the game room we have the new baby's room. Which is red with a crib and very little clothes. Randy tells me he likes the house then he leaves the party Zayn just nods then they both leave. I walk back down stairs and Niall kisses my forehead. When the party's over Grayson goes to bed an Niall and I lay down for a few. " You know how I never really got you a birthday present or a anniversary present." I nod. He then smiles and walked down the stairs and quickly returns with something behind his back. "I thought before we have two little babies running around I would get you the dog I've always promised. " I then see a little husky run and jump on to the bed. I smile "Thanks so much babe." He comes over and kisses me. I kiss back and he kisses me again and again. We then play with the little husky. It's about 7 months old so it really isn't little. "Shes already potty trained and great with kids." I smile then kiss him " Thanks!" We then put the dog in the kennel an lay in bed and then fall asleep.  When we wake up my mom is already here. She looks at the dog. Then looks at us we both just smile. I get ready real quick I'm a week away from my due date so were having an ultrasound today. I head in. They tell us were fine for a week that I'm only 1cm dilated. We then walk back to the truck.

1week later  July 4th 2020 8am. 
This morning at 2:34 am we had our first baby girl Alanna Victoria Horan she was 6lbs 10oz. She was only 19 inches long. Alanna was born with a full head of brown curly hair. Niall kisses my forehead. She looks a lot more like me then Grayson does but she has Nialls eyes.  Around 10am my mom brings Grayson in he really doesn't pay much attention to Alanna. He just crawls around. When we get home the next day my mom watches Grayson and Alanna while Niall and I go shopping for clothes. We buy a bunch of clothes none to frilly looking. We then buy a new pink carseat and a pink pack and play. 

July 13th today Grayson started walking let the trouble begin!!
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