The Voice in The Chaple

The second book to Live Love Niall!


4. Children

Alanna is now 6 and Grayson is 7. Olivia has had 4 more baby girls in those 6 years, she now has 
Ashley who's 7, Reanna 6, Laura 4, Miley 4, Jordan 3, and Cassidy 2, she is now pregnant with her 7th baby girl Zoey. Elissa has 3 boys and 1 girl  Cayden 8, Delilah 7, Aiden 5, and Darcy 3!! Niall and I just have Grayson  who's 7 and Alanna 6, we also have Roxanne who's a husky and Turtle who's a wiener dog. I am pregnant though with a boy who we are going to name Luke Thomas Horan. Zayn eventually got married to Victory and they now have 7  kids. Roy, Mary, Olivine, Chester, Sarah, Sammy, and Vince. Our house is quite full now. My brother is now 16 years old but he still come over every now and then. Today's Christmas, Niall and I are sitting on the couch he's rubbing my stomach while Alanna and Grayson open there presents. Grayson got a new red bike, a iPod, stuff for the pool, and a remote control car. Alanna got a couple dolls, a new Barbie doll house, and a huge stuffed fish. After they are done opening there presents I get dressed in to Niall's Irish shirt and yoga pants. Niall wears jeans and a blue sweatshirt. Grayson wears jeans and a plaid black shirt with cowboy boots and Alanna wears a red dress. We then head out the door and climb into our black Ford Excursion.  We drive towards my moms house. When we get there Alanna and Grayson jump out and run towards my mom and Doug. Niall comes over and opens my door for me and helps me down. Lizzy is there and Marks on his way. Lizzy now has a baby girl named Sophia. Niall leads me to the couch. I sit down. Niall sits down and kisses my forehead. I smiled  just like the old times. Grayson, Alanna and Sophia open up there presents. After that we have hamburgers and french fries. When its time to go we all leave. On my way home I get a call from Olivia she just had Zoey!!! When we get home the kids go to bed. Niall and I just lay in bed as he starts to sing the old song from his old album Save You Tonight. I soon fall asleep. 

January 5th, 2026 9pm 
Luke Thomas Horan  was born he was 5lbs 8oz and 17inches long. 
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