Dragons fury

My sister and I have never gotten on.

My sister is Yin and I am Yang.


4. Mouse

I was just sharpening my claws when it happened, out of sheer boredom. But then, a young, pure white dragon darted into my cave, I recognised it immediately, the very same dragon I always knew. Yang, the dragon I used to keep safe in the dark, twisted nights, that was before they exiled me. Always saying how 'Unsafe' or 'Threatening' I was to the Dragon Of Light, utter rubbish, they were paranoid and scared of me, not the child.

That is why, when the young dragon entered my cave, I couldn't help but smile, it was a natural reflex by then. I still loved him. "Yang," I said, my voice full of gentle tones (a very unusual affair for myself) "Is that truly you?" The young dragon reeled back, terrified, and I realised what I had become. I was a monster, just like they always said.

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