Dragons fury

My sister and I have never gotten on.

My sister is Yin and I am Yang.


2. Jealousy and hate

Yang was always the little angel. Little Mr. Perfect. And I hate him. Why do I never get any praise? It's not fair. Which is why, when the dark hearted of the humans wanted a new world, I decided that no, my brother wouldn't be the only one who would get worship from everyone, and me just scowls and whispered mutters. I was bored of people talking about me when they thought I wasn't listening. But I was. And I knew every word they said. Things like, That black dragon is hideous. Her brother is the perfect role model - why can she not be like him?, and, the colour of her heart must be the same as her scales. She is evil, pure evil. That is, if she has a heart... I was sick of it. Which is why I helped the evil humans to build an army. Yang, the perfect angel who was cast away when his all powerful sister took the world, and Yin, the beautiful, black scaled ruler of all. Yes, I had liked that. I liked it a lot... But then, Yang had run away, like the wimp he always was. He had run away from the fight that I had been waiting for all my life...

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