the angel


1. The Angel


Sometimes in the journey of life,

we are given difficult trials full of strife.

It is hard not to worry; it is hard not to complain,

because we always feel so alone in our pain.


We often forget that with God everything is planed,

for throughout the trial we are always in God’s hand.

We are reminded of God’s power and God’s love,

when we see one of his Angels sent from above.


Most are unaware, most have no clue

that I’ve seen the face of an Angel and that face belongs to you.

I couldn’t help but notice, I couldn’t help but stare

I was captivated by the light around you as you stood there.


Your sparkling eyes and heavenly smile

were all I could think of for quite a while.

When I finally got the courage to speak,

I found out that you were really sweet.


What are the chances, what are the odds,

to meet an Angel sent directly from God?

You may not have a halo or wings,

but every time I see you something inside me sings.


You may not feel like an Angel from above,

but for me, the proof is how you bubble with God’s Love.

I’ve never met anyone quite like you

that is why I speak all these words, which are true.


I would be so favored, I’d be so blessed

if I could show you my very best.

To care for an Angel such as you,

would be a blessing from God I know to be true.

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