I'm all Outta Faith.

Follow the story of Nicole and Harry as they fall in love!


8. Meet the Parents

*Harry's POV*

I made a sharp right into Nicole's driveway. I was visibly shaking as I turned the key and powered off the car. Nicole gently touched my arm.

"What's wrong babe?" she asked, concern in her voice. "We're just meeting them, they'll like you fine."

I looked into her soft hazel eyes and shook my head. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

"Nicole," I started as I grabbed her hand,"I want you to come to England with me."

Her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped.

"But Harry.." she stopped halfway through her sentence.

"You want to.. Don't you?" I asked nervously.

She slowly nodded, then answered,"But my parents are just meeting you. They'll say no Haz."

"Well its always worth a try."

She nodded in agreement as a car pulled in the driveway behind us.


*Nicole's POV*

Harry and I got out of the car and I greeted my parents with hugs.

"Who's your friend?" my mom asked as Harry stood awkwardly behind me.

"Oh, uhm.. Mom, Dad.. This is my boyfriend Harry," I forced out as I stepped to the side and Harry made his way foward shaking both of my parents' hands.

My mom's face was genuinely happy. My father forced a smile, but I ignored it as we made our way into the house. Harry and my mother went straight to the kitchen for tea. My father grabbed my arm sharply and pulled me into his office. He shut the door and took a seat at his desk. I nervously sat in the chair at the front of the desk, feeling like a child in the principal's office.

"So he's your boyfriend?" my dad spat roughly.

I slowly nodded and swallowed the lump in my throat.

"And he's who you stayed with these last couple of weeks?"

I nodded again and looked at the floor. I could feel my dad's eyes lasering into my skull.

"Dad.. He helped me out a lot. He was always there for me. He's a great guy, I promise."

My dad just stared at me.

"And he leaves for England in a couple of days and I figured since I'm 18 now.. I could go with him," I muttered the last bit looking down at the floor.

All of a sudden my dad began to laugh. He laughed until the point he was almost crying. I just sat with my hands in my lap. He finally regained his breath.

"You're kidding right?" he grinned.

"No," I said confused.

"You really think I'd let you move to England with some boy we just met who will probably end up breaking your heart."

"Harry would never do that to me," I said.

My dad stood from his desk and walked around to the front until he was right in front of me.

"You're too young Nicole. Too imature for this. There is no way this is happening. You start college in the fall and that's that," he closed the conversation and began to make his way towards the door of the office, but I wasn't done discussing yet.

"Dad, I'm eighteen now. I'm an adult, I can make my own decisions!" I almost yelled at him. "I can do what I want. Harry's the one who let me stay with him while you were gone!"

My dad stopped and turned. "You think he cares about you? The only reason he let you stay with him was because he wanted to have sex with you!" My dad yelled in my face.

"Well we never did, Dad! He cares about me!" I yelled back.

"Enough!" my dad yelled as his hand flew across my cheek with a loud smack.


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