One Chance

Miley is a great singer but she doesn't realise it- she is very shy too. She has a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity to apply for a talent show to maybe star in the opening ceremony for the olympics!! Will she take the chance or chicken out?


2. Park

Caroline went downstairs, leaving her daughter, Miley, in her bedroom dancing and singing into a hairbrush. She heard the letterbox clash against the door and went to retrieve what must be the post. Caroline grabbed the wodge of paper half sticking out of the letterbox, half on the floor. She thumbed through the envelopes and sheets

"Bill, bill, bill, for Bill, for Bill, bill," Caroline murmured to herself looking at the names on the envelopes. She wasn't looking where she was going as she thumbled through the junk mail and important letters. Miley came running down the stairs in her jeans and checked tartan shirt. She had a her tan purse flying out behind her, filled with gum, her phone and her iPod. 

Miley ran head first into her Mother, making all the neatly sorted post in Caroline's hand fly in the air and land in a heap on the hall floor. Caroline sighed and leant down to pick up the scattered mail. Miley stiffled a giggle and bent down too. Giving her mother a helping hand.

Caroline tutted at her daughter's carelessness. She really needed to tame Miley a bit. Miley bundled up a load of paper, creasing and tearing it in the process. Caroline snatched the post of her daughter and gave her a fierce glare. Miley shrank back. Guilt filling her.

"So, where are you off to?" Caroline asked, no emotion visible. Her normally wide smiley mouth was a thin pressed line on her face. Her eyes had lost their usual twinkle. Miley met her mother's gaze. Not really afraid of her. Caroline knew she should punish Miley's braveness, but in actual fact she admired her daughter's courage. Something she herself used to have. Caroline let her lips creep upwards to form a slight smile.

"I'm going to the park with Lilly and some of her mates." Miley grinned and skipped out of the front door passing her silent mother without a word.


The walk to the park was a very nice one. It was a little chilly but the sun was bright so it didn't matter to Miley. She walked with a skip in her step around a few more blocks and down the muddy path that led to the park. Her tan uggs were caked in mud when she came out of the tree enclosed path.

She spotted Lilly and jogged over to her best friend. Lilly was standing with a roup of kids from both genders. Miley smiled broadly. She was good at making friends. Lilly was talking away to a girl with a smart black bob, with matching black clothes. Lilly saw Miley and waved to her. Miley pulled Lilly to one side.

"Goths?" She whispered urgently. She wasn't sure her mum would approve of her mixing with goths.

"Geez Miley! They're just ordinary people! Like me and you. It's not like they're punks!" Lilly said an annoyed expression written clearly across her face. With that she walked off and linked arms with the girl with the bob, ignoring Miley. Miley sighed and linked her arm through Lilly's. Just to aggraviate her.

"So! What's your name?" Miley asked the girl with the bob.

She looked over flicking her hair as she did so. It hit Lilly in the face.

"I'm Kellie. But call me Kell, Kill, or if you really want Dragon." Kell said a smile forming on her pale skin. Miley smiled, a little bit worried that Kell had Kill as a nickname. What if she had killed someone? This question whirred in Miley's head. She squeezed Lilly's arm a little bit too hard and was cutting the circulation off.

"Miley! God, you've got a tight grip!" Lilly exclaimed breaking free from Miley's hold. Miley looked confusedly at Lilly, what had she done wrong now!?

Miley felt someone patting her on the shoulder. She turned her head quickly and saw a blonde girl behind her. Smiling broadly. Miley fell back to walk with this blonde.

"Hi! I'm Loola. But they call me Luna." She shrugged and motioned with her head for Miley to introduce herself.

"I'm Miley. I knew Lilly said their would be some of her other friends, but I didn't expect goths." Miley whispered the last word almost considering it swearing. Luna laughed and made Miley smile with her cheery laugh.

It surprised MIley that a goth could have such a nice laugh. She linked her arm through Luna's and the two of them kept up an interesting conversation considering a lot of different topics. By the time they had walked to the field at the far end of the park and sat down in a rugged circle it was 3:30. Another half an hour and Miley would be expected to get back home. Miley looked around uncomfortably. They had found an old empty green glass bottle and were spinning it. Truth or Dare. It was MIley's least favourite game. She gulped as the bottle slowed down on her.

"Truth or dare Miles?" Lilly asked almost sneering.

"Ermm...." Miley hesitated. If she picked truth she would be thought as a coward, but if she picked dare then who knows what she would have to do. In the end she thought she'd take the risk. "Dare" She said clearly. Waiting for the the task to be set...

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