One Chance

Miley is a great singer but she doesn't realise it- she is very shy too. She has a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity to apply for a talent show to maybe star in the opening ceremony for the olympics!! Will she take the chance or chicken out?


3. Dare

'Ooohhh...' all the girls and goths said. The boys sniggered. 

Everyone quickly began gossiping asking which dare was appropriate. One interesting conversation was Lily and Kill's which was quiet whispers.

Lily: She's shy so how bout' to sing in front of everyone?

Kelly: Umm... she looks to brave.

Lily: (sniggers) she's really not..

Miley flicks her hair and all eyes are set on her. Anyone? muttered Miley. Lily and Kelly snigger and Lily raised her hand.

'Sing' Lily says with no emotion.

'Umm..' Miley flashes a stare at Luna who tucks her blonde curls behind her ear and nods.My best song or a really bad song?Miley asked herself. She told the gang she would sing Payphone, the number 1 on the iTunes chart. 

She started humming and everyone giggled, but they didn't know what hid behind Miley's jeans and hollister style. She stared at the floor, her hazel hair hiding her ocean-blue eyes. Her first few notes were a out of tune but the whole song turned out fantastic!! Everyone loved it except the vibrato (which wasn't good at all).

Lily cheered suddenly realizing how they became such good friends, there love of music. Boys jeered and wolf whistled. Luna gave Miley a cute smile. Kill took her linked arm away from Lily and gave Miley the evils. Miley didn't care what her haters thought besides her life motto was 'Haters are my motivators'. 

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