One Direction Facts

Random facts about One Direction and the members!!!


3. Louis Tomlinson Facts

1. His full name is Louis William Tomlinson.

2.He was born December 24th, 1991

3.He is the oldest in the band

4.He is dating model/Uni student Eleanor Calder

5.His favoutie colour is Red

6.He loves carrots

7.He has brown hair and blue/grey eyes

8.He was lead singer in a band called 'The Rouge'

9.He has 4 sisters

10.He loves shopping

11.He preferes tea over coffee

12.He is the messist in the band

13.He dilikes wearing socks

14.He really wants a son

15.He told his sister not to be in love with Harry, because she is too good for him

16.He likes when girls blush

17.He likes when girls wear glasses

18.He call his mumm every night

19.He likes to laugh

20.His was excluded

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