One Direction Facts

Random facts about One Direction and the members!!!


2. Harry Styles Facts

1. His full name is Harold Edward Styles.

2. He was born Febuary 1st, 1994

3. He is the youngest in the group

4.He always bites Twix bars at the same time so the other wont het lonely

5.His first word was 'cat'

6.He was attacked by a goat at age 10

7.He gets annoyed when Louis dosent say "I love you" at the end of their phone calls

8.His favourite song is "Free Falling"

9.He likes girls with long brown hair and blue/green eyes

10.He thinks girls who smile are the cutesst

11.He hates when girls call themselves 'Ugly'

12.He likes girls witha good sense of humor

13.He takes at least 3 Twix bars whereever he goes

14.He set Louis and Elenanor up

15.Louis' sister,Fizzy, has a crush on him

16.He takes food of peoples plates

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