Love is forever

This is the story of Alyssa and niall
Love is forever, and made a mistake if I can never remedy return the time as I'd like to be with her atrasy,my love,my heart,my reason for being.


1. Memories

Niall's P.O.V

Was a cold winter day, walking in London when I saw a girl sitting on a bench crying. I walked over to ask what was going slowly.
Had his hands in his face and hair in it
the only thing that occurred to me that was wrong with you?
I ignored it and continued crying.
I'm Niall and pretty girls do not have to mourn.
She replied me: I'm Alyssa and pretty is a lie, if you lie you will grow a nose
I don't lie
she said only you'll believe for now and thanks
Thanks?I said confused face
By try me feel good and I hardly know. He said this and I hug
Alyssa not cry for nothing understood?
join me for a coffee, it's winter and you were freezing here

Take it by the hand and walk together

I look like an elf laughed
and your a princess replied

And from that day she became my princess

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