A Big Birthday Suprise

this about a girl named Emily who is only 14 and she is a big directioner its her birthday in a week but sadly she missed out on tickets for their local gig or did she ? read on to find out more


2. My Birthday

To my surprise the week flew bye and today is my birthday i woke up and got dressed into some cream chinos with a brown belt and a white and blank striped tank top a snapbak hat which says YOLO and some navy toms i looked in the mirror then jolted down the stairs to find my best friends lissie and Lottie sat on the couch along with my mum and my little sister they all had presents for me my mum handed me her present and i opened the pink sparkly wrapping paper it was a new bag for school of course it was a one direction one then i opened my best friends present they had a joined one it was a small envelope it had 3 little pieces if card it they i opened it out and my mouth dropped i was so shocked i just burst out crying they had bought me three tickets to one direction and they were going too and the best part is we were front row i was so happy now

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