Ethermia- This Is War

Etherima was a beautiful planet, discovered in 3002 by a famous Scientist named Weelwork. He sent humans out onto the planet and soon realised they where dying dramatically, their blood spiralled across the floor, their bodies disintegrating. That’s when he discovered that there was life on this peculiar planet, life not so different from theirs. So he sent millions of armies, troops and rulers out to search across this planet, to invade, to bring back on living Hundre. They where each murdered by the Hundre’s the second they set foot on Etherima. The Hundre’s had been raised under the circumstances that they must fight for a living, they where trained arts to fight, they where trained to kill.


4. The Leave


The air in the room was sticky and unbearably stuffy; it clung to my skin intensely, I felt nauseous and dirty. I showered, the cold dirty water rushed down me, I washed my hair in the thin trickle of water and cleaned myself and then turned off the shower and changed into some tight trousers and a clean blouse mother had left out for me and my old battered boots the harsh rubber making my toes sore. I combed my tangled thick blonde hair back and tucked it behind my ears. I rushed into the kitchen and pulled a chunk off the loaf of bread in the tin and stuck it in my pocket and abandoned the house. I walked straight past the stable and continued walking, turned four roads and then came to the Nepolen household and knocked on the door. An elderly lady with greying hair and soft warm green eyes dressed in a dull pinafore, named Honey answered the door

“Arabella, oh do come in we don’t want you catching a cold.” She said and ushered me into the warm home, “Are you hungry dear?” She asked, I shook my head

“I came to put my name down of The Leaving.” Honey gasped, I took no notice, and it was wrong for Honey to over-react her husband left last year and returned. She was lucky.

“Of course, come through.” She said and pulled open the metal door and pushed me threw. The room was dark and dank, it smelt of rotting salt, nothing like the condition Honey normally kept her homes in,

“Ah, Arabella Marken.” The gentleman in the old upholster leather chair whispered, his voice was greedy and husky. I scowled but didn’t reply.

“I thought maybe you’d let the child fight.” He said, I blinked in disgust

“You revolt me, Uphola.” I said softly but my voice was brisk and cruel. He laughed, but his laugh sounded tainted and irritable.

“Arabella, you must understand that we do this for the better, for our rights.” He said but his face was full of mock. I blinked and banged my fist down on his wooden desk,

“Why not let them come onto our planet and explore?” I demanded exasperated. He shook his head and looked at me with a sleazy expression that clearly stated I didn’t understand

“Girl, this is war. There is no other way to explain it, they don’t want to explore they want to overtake. The humans will take every option they can to overtake our lives, do you want that to happen?” He demanded, I didn’t reply because what ever my answer it would be wrong. He signalled for me to take the knife. I removed it from it section on the wall and carved my name in the oak and then slit my finger and rubbed it over my name. I felt ill just doing it but Uphola laughed and snatched the knife from my hand. That was my signal to leave, and I was relieved to. 

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