Ethermia- This Is War

Etherima was a beautiful planet, discovered in 3002 by a famous Scientist named Weelwork. He sent humans out onto the planet and soon realised they where dying dramatically, their blood spiralled across the floor, their bodies disintegrating. That’s when he discovered that there was life on this peculiar planet, life not so different from theirs. So he sent millions of armies, troops and rulers out to search across this planet, to invade, to bring back on living Hundre. They where each murdered by the Hundre’s the second they set foot on Etherima. The Hundre’s had been raised under the circumstances that they must fight for a living, they where trained arts to fight, they where trained to kill.


3. Cora


“Arabella?” My mother’s harsh voice called out as I opened the small gate and walked up the garden

“Yes, ma.” I said out of compulsion rather than politeness. I pulled off my riding boots and pulled on my flimsy worn out souls and trudged into the house and hung up my coat, my elderly mother stood at the table stirring a thick lumpy liquid.

“Did you bring something to eat?” My mother pestered. I nodded and took the tomatoes and potatoes out of my bag and the meat. She didn’t thank me and moved on, I sighed and began chopping. We made some sloppy gooey mixture

“Get your brothers and Cora.” I nodded and climbed up the old racketing stairs and yelled for my siblings. I got hold of Dalis and Kenly. They both went down stairs and I peeked in Cora’s room. She was sat on her bed staring into space, I sighed and sat down next to her, she rested her small red head on my shoulder and smiled softly, but some how it looked unreal.

“Are you okay?” I asked her and she wrapped her fingers around my hand. She nodded and bit her lip

“How old are you?” She asked me softly, I answered her without thinking

“Sixteen tomorrow. You know that, though.” I said and then I realised she was worrying about me, about the Leaving. The Leave was an advent when two children from the family leave and head to fight against the humans, when they say goodbye to there families and their lovers and they head to fight, one boy and one girl from each family. Cora let out a small whimper and snuggled her blonde furry head into my shoulder blade and comforted her. I wanted to tell her that I would be back soon, to look after her, but nobody could guarantee that.

“You look after mother and Kenly, okay?” I asked, she squeezed my hand and blinked back her tears

“Of course.” She whispered, I knew she was trying hard to cry around me.

“Can I show you something?” I asked her, she blinked and nodded. I scrambled up and stood on the old wooden stool and from behind the small dusty broken cabinet I pulled down an old tattered journal.

“It was fathers. It was about when his brothers and sisters left him, to go and fight.” I whispered and pressed it into her small pale hands. She shook uncontrollably out of fear and despair. I blinked and brushed of strand of hair out of her small dishwater blue eyes.

“Your going to be okay, Corrie. So am I.” I forced myself to say her little sparkling eyes lit up and she watched me carefully

“Really, Bella?” She asked, I nodded and bit my lip and lied to my little sister

“Of course.” 

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